December 13, 2021



18 weeks

Ok I don't feel like writing
much this week so it'll probably be pretty short, sorry guys. We had our zone conference this week which was 8 hours long. Our mission president let us all watch the movie Coco to start it off, then we held a talent show and I went up onto the stage and did
a handstand in front of 500+ missionaries haha. I got to see a lot of missionaries for the last time that will be going home soon. We again did a ton more service like usual. We had a day where we went beast mode tracting and found 5 super solid new people
to teach, we prayed to be led to people who would be ready to receive the message we have to share and we were led to 6 different doors and 5 of them answered and were all super interested in the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Each of those Contacts was
over an hour long, man people in Texas can talk. That's something I hated doing before the mission, but now I love it and could literally sit and talk to a random stranger for hours haha. We also had a crazy domestic violence case that went down in our apartment
complex where this lady got drunk and was assaulting her husband, 6 cop cars showed up and we watched everything go down. It was pretty crazy. We then met a lady close by who was pretty shaken up by everything and was having an anxiety attack. We tried our
best to comfort her and then I offered to give her a blessing and wow the spirit was so strong! I am so blessed to be able to exercise the power of the priesthood through blessings and to be able to see how much Heavenly Father loves those who I am giving
a blessing to. Oh and then Sunday hit, I woke up with a super bad migraine and we weren't able to make it to church and ended up not being able to get out of bed most of the day. Some awesome members and some sister missionaries brought me some food, caffeine,
and some pain relievers that helped a ton. Anyways that was pretty much it this week, love yall and hope this Christmas season is going awesome for you all!


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