November 15, 2021



Spiritual highs and mental lows

Definitely had some awesome
things happen this week, but also not gonna lie this week was pretty rough. a week of spiritual highs and mental lows, but I promise everyone I'm doing good now!

Last P-day we went to downtown
Fort Worth which was so much fun. Lots of cool small shops and old architecture, there is also a crazy amount of bars everywhere haha. We also visited this place called the water gardens which is a super pretty place of just a ton of cool water features. I
started the week on an exchange with some Elders that have been struggling with each other and it was actually awesome, I got the Elder I was with all hyped up and we taught like 6 lessons and found I think 4 new people which for him was insane and definitely
helped strengthen his faith in how effective missionary work can be if you actually dedicate yourself. The only service we really did this week was the Food bank, funny story about that actually haha. The Food bank is 5 min away from our apartment, but it
took us 35 min to get there because a semi tried to turn on a super narrow road right in front of us and got high centered on a cement barrier and trapped us for a half hour. Elder Stone then went and got his Covid booster shot and the next 3 days me and him
were both super sick. Elder Stone was like breaking out and had some really bad rashes and stuff so I gave him a priesthood blessing. we are both doing good now, but It was super bad on my mental health just laying in bed and not being able to do stuff for
a few days, got in my head a lot and it was just a really rough couple days, but we are good now. After that all cleared up we missed working so much that we went crazy with teaching and tracting the next few days, We had a guy bash the Book of Mormon and
for the first time ever it didn't stress me out, I just testified of what I knew to be true and invited him to read and pray about it for himself, the spirit is so strong if you let it work through you. Something we have been focusing on a lot is praying before
everything, praying for our companionship, praying that the spirit will be present and asking for blessings and miracles. Prayer is definitely something that I've gained a big testimony of on my mission, prayer really is so powerful. I think that's pretty
much it for this week, hope y'all have had good weeks and again thanks to everyone that emails me and messages me I love hearing from you guys, sorry if I don't always respond. Anyways Pday is on saturday next week because transfers will be on next Monday.
Kinda weird, but they are trying to get transfers done before Thanksgiving so we are doing it on Monday and my email and if you want to talk to me will be on Saturday. Love and miss y'all, talk to you guys next week!


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