September 20, 2021



I split my head open...

This week has been awesome!!! Found and met lots of new people that we will hopefully start teaching
and meeting with soon! Have 2 people getting baptized next week, Along with lots of other cool things.
I don’t really know where to start so sorry in advance this may be all over the place. This week we did
lots of biking. We have a limited amount of miles on our car we can use each month and we are running out quickly so we have to bike a lot more often now. We have been doing a lot more contacting and tracting this week and I'm starting to get a lot more comfortable
with it now. Our area is pretty small so it's not too bad other than the brutal humidity.
Cassie, who I've talked about in the past, has been improving lots in her journey of coming closer to
Christ. She is scheduled to be baptized on the 26th and we are so excited for her! We have also been teaching a guy named Dalton almost every single day this week. Dalton is so awesome, he has a girlfriend who is a return missionary and he wants to become
a member so that he can eventually get married with her in the temple. Dalton has a really strong testimony, he loves meeting with us, and always has cool points that he shares during our lessons. I wish every investigator was like him and so eager to learn
haha. Dalton is scheduled to get baptized tomorrow! It's been an Awesome week for us especially to have 2 baptisms in a week is a lot for this mission so we are so excited!
LIke usual we did a ton of service, I really love serving people and seeing the joy and happiness it
brings not only myself, but the people I am serving. We helped 2 different people move, Spent a few hours at the Food bank like usual, served at the food bank, and lots of other small things I can't think of at the moment.
One thing we have been working a lot on is getting to know our members in the ward and getting them excited
and involved in the work. We call them M3’s (member missionary moments). We have been setting these up a lot and are hoping to have one with each family in the ward, We go for 15-30 min and get to know them, share a spiritual thought and then leave them with
an invitation to do something like serve someone in need, share your testimony with a non member, give out a book of mormon and stuff like that. So far this has been working awesome and I love getting to know all the members and their stories because a lot
of them are converts and have really strong testimonies and cool stories that have helped me strengthen my testimony.
Alright hahaha… to the story you are probably all curious about because of the heading of this email.
Yes I did split my head open. At around 10 at night I went to pick up a piece of trash off the floor in our kitchen and I stood up and hit the back of my head really hard on the corner of our granite countertop. It hurt pretty bad, I put my hand up to my
head to feel it and I started laughing cause i felt a dent in my head. I walked into the bathroom to check it out in the mirror and that was when I saw my hand and head covered in blood. Me and my companions spent the next 2 hours cleaning it up and debating
whether or not to go to the hospital. I don't want to go into much detail on everything cause it was pretty disturbing, but anyway we finally got the bleeding to stop around midnight and figured I'd be ok so we decided to not go to the hospital and went to
bed. I would post a picture of it, but it's super gross and I don't think anyone really wants to see that haha. That happened on friday and i'm still doing ok.
On Saturday the city was holding a festival for Spanish Heritage that we spent most of the day hanging
out with people and answering lots and lots of questions haha. When you got 3 white boys walking around a festival full of spanish people and we were wearing white shirts and ties a lot of people had questions haha. Everyone was so nice and we made lots of
new friends and found lots of new people, sadly none of them were in our area, but we found lots of super interested people. We played lots of games, ate some really good food and I even rode a mechanical bull which was so fun.
Sunday was interesting to say the least. We held a baptismal interview with Dalton before Church. When
we got to the sacrament meeting we quickly discovered the air conditioning was not working and the bishopric informed us that because of that the church would only be 30 min long so we didn't have any speakers. Later that night my comps and some sisters set
up a lesson with an investigator, we got there and all of them were acting really weird and he just started bashing me and not letting me say anything. I was the only one answering any of his questions and then finally after almost an hour they all started
laughing and said it was a prank. The "investigator" was a member of the bishopric in the sisters ward, so yeah that was interesting haha.
Thanks again to all who continue to send me emails. It means a lot to me and I love reading them. Also
a huge shoutout to my aunt Stefani for the box of candies you sent and the little basketball hoop. Love and miss yall lots!! I'm loving it out here in Texas. Thank you all for your prayers and support. It has helped me out a lot with making it through the
rough days!


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