September 13, 2021



Still loving it out here in Texas

Weeks out in the field are just flying by it seems like now. Like usual we had a lot of things take place
and a lot of cool experiences. So much happens in the weeks that i have a hard time remembering it all when i go to type my weeklies at the end of the week so im just gonna put the highlights and what I can remember. Had lots of opportunities to go out and
find new people. We knocked several doors and had some really cool experiences sharing the gospel with others. We met a guy named Sellwin who has such a strong testimony, but was struggling with the ideas of modern day prophets so we talked a lot about that
and why they are so important. We had about 9 lessons set up this week and all, but 1 got cancelled or fell through unfortunately. The 1 person we were able to meet with is a guy named Ben. Ben is a super nice guy who the missionaries have been meeting with
for a few weeks now. He has a strong testimony of his savior Jesus Christ. Ben is gay and is struggling with beng accepted by some of the members in the church, so we talked to him a lot about how god loves him and the churches stance on the LGBTQ community.
We have another meeting with him next week and hopefully we can continue to help him come to christ. We also made lots of phone calls with referrals, less active members, and investigators who have not been met with in a while. I swear 90% of them don't answer,
but every once in a while we get a good conversation and a lesson set up with someone. In My personal studies I've been studying a lot in the New Testament and I'm loving reading and learning about our savior. Never thought I would be addicted to reading the
scriptures, but I am and I'm not complaining haha. On Thursday we went and did “fish to find” again which we've had quite a bit of success with. Fishermen love to talk, we met and talked with lots of people. One lady was named Francis, she was awesome and
we talked with her for like an hour. She told us about how her husband recently passed away so we talked with her a lot about eternal families. She goes to another church, but she said she would come check out or church so that's exciting. We said a prayer
with her before she left and every 3 seconds in the prayer she would shout out “amen” and “hallelujah” or repeat what the prayer said out loud haha. Other than that we caught a couple fish, Elder stone caught 2 and I caught 2 and I had the biggest one which
I'll put a pic of at the end of my email. We had so many service projects this week. We went to the food bank for 4 hours and served there, dug out a few stumps and old fence posts for a lady in the ward, picked up trash around the neighborhood, and other
stuff. On Saturday for 9/11 it's also national day of service so a ton of us missionaries went door to door looking for opportunities to serve. Didn't have much luck, people either weren't home, said others deserve it more, or just slammed the door on us haha.
After about an hour of doing that in the heat we were about to end and we saw a uhaul truck down the street so we ran to it. There were two barely 5 foot women who were loading this truck so we asked if we could help. They were moving across town and what
probably would have taken them all day we did in about 2 hours. They had tons of Heavy furniture that I have no idea how they would have moved without us. When we finished up they were super grateful, they thought we all were a part of a school with our tags,
but we explained that we were missionaries of the church and shared a bit about our church with them. The sisters who are the missionaries in her area took down their number and are going to start teaching them soon. Other than that we had a Zone conference,
district council, and tons of other meetings. We played pickleball, basketball, ping pong, and volleyball like usual on last P-day. We had lots of good member meals like usual, but I'm gaining weight pretty fast now so I need to start watching what I'm eating.Saturday
night we had an experience with a Lady named Cassie. Cassie a few years back was shot in the leg and damaged a nerve which makes it hard for her to walk so she is really slow. We went to the park with her and played games with her, drew chalk, and talked a
bit about the gospel. She is on date to be baptized in a few weeks. When we decided to leave, her leg was hurting really bad so we had to carry her to her car and then follow her to the apartment to carry her up the stairs and to her bed in her apartment.
Lets just say her apartment is 10 minutes from the park and it took us about 2 hours till we left her apartment, we had to help her a lot with getting her comfortable and then other stuff around her house she couldn't do. Sunday was cool, and a guy in our
ward gave his farewell talk and he is headed to Layton, Utah so that's dope!! After sacrament meeting a member asked me to give him a blessing so we found a classroom that was empty and I was able to give him a blessing. It was so cool. This email is so long
sorry guys, the weeks just have so much happening it's hard to break it down in the weekly. Anyways I’m still loving it out here and like always cant wait for what's next! Love yall and Miss everyone so much!!!


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