September 4, 2017


Tama, Japan


Harmon Shimai


SEPTEMBER! Shoutout to Hermana Wood, Sister Friend, Hermana Curtis, and McKay for birthdays last and this week! 

Also transfer emails came and I am staying in Tama!! 

This week, we were everywhere. Harmon Shimai is headed back home to America on Friday soo the whole ward has been having us over for meals/FHE, on top of lessons, zone blitz, splits, eikaiwa, different events in other parts of Tokyo...we've been traveling a lot! so fun especially when people on the train try to fall asleep on your companion and you're trying to subdue giggles while surreptitiously videoing. 

Zone Blitz was way cool. All the missionaries in our zone got together and went to Shinyurigaoka to dendou together for a couple hours. We were put in companionships and assigned to streeting, eikaiwa chirashi kubari (English: passing out English class flyers), and eikaiwa challenge. I was with Matsumoto Shimai for streeting. PARTY. We would just casually slide up along side people and start up a conversation. I will never get over how shocked the Japanese always look when we stop them. They kinda stand there in silence until they hear something they don't like and start to walk away...little awkward but always fun! We were able to pass out 3 Books of Mormon  in the 3 hours we had and 18 as a Zone. MIRACLES. Also didn't die of heat stroke so that was miracle 2. 

So this week I was reading Jacob 5, the allegory of the vineyard. My favorite verse, "What more could I have done for my vineyard?" The fact is, our loving Father in Heaven has literally done EVERYTHING for us already. Gave us life, the earth, families, gospel, prophets, the list goes on. He even gave His Son. He allowed His Son to suffer for all and in vain for some--those who will never accept His sacrifice on their behalf. Yet He asks what more could have been done. In the end, all that is asked for is a little more time to nuture the vineyard. Time. That time is what we have now. In the last days, we have the restored gospel back on the earth to teach us how to repent and return. The sad story though, is that we got more wicked. "Who has corrupted my vineyard?" that was all us. He had been out all the day long working for our benefit, yet we chose not to become what He wanted. But He still loved us enough to allow us a little more time. Another CHANCE. We are on BORROWED TIME!! That time is coming to an end and the "day soon cometh when I the Lord will prune my vineyard again." If we repent we can be one of the servants pruning at His side, one that will labor and rejoice in the fruits of those labors with Him. So, "Oh be wise--what more can I say!" and use the time we have now to repent and return!! 
Benson Shimai

Zone Blitz, the Shimai (the Sisters), various members that we got to see this week


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