August 28, 2017


Tama, Japan


Harmon Shimai

Bring on the Thunder Thighs

Had all lessons fall through this week...Not going to lie, it was the worst. So to make things better Harmon Shimai and I decided to go visit some of our less active friends. What looked like a fun bike ride turned into a 3 hour long high adventure trek in the mountains. I kid you not, some of these hills were legit straight up and down. But, you have never seen 2 more determined sister missionaries. We were visiting these wonderful people come rain, hail and windstorms. We carried our bikes up flights of stairs, went back up hills we came down because of wrong turns, pretty much took mountain biking to a whole new level, all the while smiling at the people around us who were probably thinking, "Crazy Americans!" And then everyone who has been on a mission spend that much effort to get to someone and SURPRISE. No one's home. All 3 weren't. So that was fun. Took some pictures in a really green cemetery/golf course (shoutout to Em Carter) to make us feel better. Welcome to a day in the life. 

KISEKI (MIRACLE) Church on Sunday was great! Our stake president was there, mission farewell for sweet Aika leaving to Korea, and 20 minutes before Sacrament Meeting Elder Brown and I were asked to give talks busy morning. But the miracle was that one of our Eikaiwa students decided to come for the second week in a row. He listened and was nodding like crazy (way fun to watch from the stand and literally made me so happy). Elder Brown and I both ended up testifying on the Book of Mormon only to find out that was also Aika's topic as well. At the end of the meeting he said he felt that he should start reading the Book of Mormon!!! From all the testimonies he heard and the fact that we gave him a copy two weeks ago. God knows what we need when we need it and He works through us in ways that we sometimes don't recognize till later! 

Moment I know I'm becoming Japanese--played a game balancing toothpicks that is kinda like the opposite of Jenga. Never knew how much stress toothpicks could cause and the crazy amount of statisfaction that comes from all the foreigners beating the Japanese :)

ALMA 42 READ IT--Sorry not sorry for sharing what hit me hard again this week. Taking from verses 13,15, 23. So the plan of salvation could NOT be brought about EXCEPT an Atonement SHOULD be made. Christ is truly amazing. Without Him, we would all die in our sins. The Plan of Salvation would be lacking one thing...the salvation for those it was created for. When Christ was suffering in the garden and said, "Father not my will but thine be done" and in heaven when He stepped forward to take on the role of our Savior and give the glory to our Father, He meant it. He loved His Father. He knew that EXCEPT an Atonement should be made, God would cease to be God. It says in the scriptures that God is perfectly just. Well we are perfectly imperfect. Those two states can not coexist without God becoming a partial judge. Problem. God is governed by laws that won't allow Him to become such. In all outlooks, we would never be able to make it back to heaven because of the laws that govern a just God. BUT. Justice was appeased THROUGH Christ which enabled mercy to be extended. God was made PERFECT THROUGH CHRIST. Because of Christ's Atonement, God can keep His promises to us. Justice can be satisfied and mercy can be extended. Just as God was perfected in His Son's Atonement, we also can be. In fact, we are commanded to be (3 Nephi 12:48). In doing so, we can recognize and understand the perfect justice and mercy of the One we are designed to become like. To put it in the words of Joseph Smith, "If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves." The more we understand the One who loves us, the more perfectly we can apply the Atonement that was performed FOR THE VERY REASON to help us become like Him.
So yeah, I can't put all the right words together to explain exactly what I felt when I thought about all of this, but lets say that my brain hurt the rest of the day....well from this and after the hour of Japanese study:)

Yep that's the week, sorry this turned way long.
Benson 姉妹

1. After bike rides
2. I liked this guys face
3-4. Japannnnnn
5. Toothpick game
6-7. Taught one Eikaiwa class how to be American and take fun pics:)


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