August 21, 2017


Tama, Japan


Harmon Shimai


Studies this week were off the charts. I LOVE 1 Nephi 17. Nephi's good attitude amazes me. His family go through hardships in the wilderness, yet instead of focusing on the hardships, he focuses on the blessings. Finally after 8 YEARS they make it to what they think is the land of all lands, "Bountiful." I mean sounds like a great place to me too. Safe, full of honey and fruits--paradise. They had a "break" for many days then the Lord told Nephi, nope youre not done yet. Now go build a ship so I can take you somewhere even better. That's us. There will be times in our lives where we have "made it" to Bountiful. But that's just to Bountiful. The Lord has way more in store than pretty trees and lots of fruit. So when the Lord tells us to build a ship (trials) and He'll take us farther, answer like Nephi. "Where is the ore? Show me how." He loves us with a love so infinite that we cant comprehend. If He tells us to do something, you can bet your last dollar (expression, betting is bad;)) that He has a loving plan in store. Even when your own Laman and Lemuels start to rain on your parade, telling you that there is NO WAY, sorry boys, we know who is leading us. God does nothing but that which He promises us. And He has promised to lead us to the Promised land. He is 100% bound as long as we do our part. So long story short, DON'T STOP AT BOUNTIFUL. THERE'S MORE FOR YOU. 

One thing that hit me hard (among many) from Stake Conference was the miracle of miracles. Christ performed many miracles throughout His life. But, His miracles were things he did WITH people not just FOR people. In every single story, the people were asked to actively participate in bringing about their own miracles. From asking them to say they believe to having them put the foot out of the boat to walk on water, every miracle was based off the individual's faith and willingness to act. He invites us to pray in His name, meld our mind with His, and make His wishes ours. After we do that and ask in faith according to true principles He will help us be apart of our own miracles. Just like Joseph Smith actively participated in the miracle of the Restoration through prayer and action, we also have the power to help bring about miracles in our own lives. So confused why your prayers aren't being answered? You've been kneeling all day and all night pleading for help? First off--good for you, but did you ever get off your knees and step forward with faith? One of my all time favorite quotes is "The Lord only guides moving feet." He can only perform miracles with those who are willing to perform them WITH Him and in HIS WAY. 
Best quote from Elder Choi, "Why do we climb the mountain? Because there is a mountain to climb!"

Also had a party with literally half of our stake at the squirrel park today. MOM I held a squirrel. No rabies or fleas...hopefully. Way fun day. 

Do good, be better Benson 姉妹 

Squirrel park adventures
Happiest and cutest investigator who now is obsessed with peaches and milk and ukele because of us:) 
Stake conference 


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