August 15, 2017


Tama, Japan


Harmon Shimai

Happy Birthday Here's Some Miracles

Thank you for all the birthday wishes this week! Sorry if I don't send you an email, we are headed to the temple and have no time! Also EVERYONE PLEASE CARE. MY LITTLE BROTHER IS NOW AN ELDER. Welcome to the work Elder Benson!! New Zealand is waiting for you, your friendly personality and now elder appropriate haircut ;)

Japan kept things interesting this week as always! Most of this will be pics minus the fact that a miracle happened too big to not share!!

Miracle and Gained a testimony this week that being yourself is crazy important as a missionary!!

One of our investigators husband is wayyy less active and now anti-Mormon. We have been praying for his heart to be softened so she can come to church and get baptized. This week was amazing with both of them! We were able to have a lesson with her and her husband was there the whole time! (This never happens) She committed to read the Book of Mormon everyday (another mini miracle and she's doing it!) and after we made American food, well hawaiian haystacks, with her family. Such an amazing time to BRT! By the end of the night we had all of them bent over giggling and laughing together from the videos that Harmon Shimai and I made. We hope we changed his viewpoint in showing that real people live and love this gospel! Were not robots! Also that we adore his family with our entire beings and only want the best for them. Seriously a miracle that he was even there at all! There may or may not have been many prayers of thanks and fist bumps send heaven-ward after that lesson. God is good and hearts are changing!

That hour of study a day is a good hour.

The more I study about Joseph Smith's life the more I am amazed by the trials he had to go through to bring about the Father's work. I read a talk about his life up until finding the brass plates and it was full of pain and trials but,

"In spite of failure, mishap and bitter opposition, and in many cases precisely BECAUSE of those things, Joseph Smith got to be EXACTLY where he needed to fulfill his mission." Could God have made his path easier? Yes, He could have. But He didn't. He knew the road that we all need to take to become what He intends. All we need to do is remeber Romans 8:28 that "all things work together for good for those who love God." If we love God it will show in our thoughts and actions, even when times get tough. 

So many more amazing things happened, but no time to tell!
Benson 姉妹

1. Soon to be sister sato!!
2. Hawaiian haystacks with my cute date ryoji
3. Selfies w shiho


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