July 17, 2017


Tama, Japan


Harmon Shimai

Living Intentionally

HAPPIEST MOMENT my friends!!

My bud from Hibarigaoka just got baptized two Saturdays ago! Sadly still no picture, but ahh it's amazing to see people grow in this gospel!

Moments of Pure Confusion:

-As a district, we were passing out flyers for our English class. It was way hot and Sister Harmon's neck had started to turn a nice red. A random 60ish year old guy noticed too and started chasing her with his finger trying to touch her sunburn saying "manaka" which means bright red, but at the time we had no idea what he was saying. Ahh these people crack me up!

-"God Bless You" from last week. We pass this one guy at least once a week without fail. Rain, shine, talking on the phone or with a bud, he sees us and has to say "God Bless You" why thank you we feel very blessed now? Want to receive some of those blessings too? No clue why, but you know that's Japan.

Splits happened this week. My cutest STL (Sister Training Leader) is Kawamitsu Shimai and I adore her! We had an amazing lesson teaching about the Book of Mormon, I LOVE THIS BOOK AND THE SPIRIT IT BRINGS. So many more amazing and fun experiences this week, but I LOVED my studies so if you have a minute keep reading:) 

This week I have been focused on intentions; how to live life intently with God on your side. Random topic, I know, but bear with me. Found some bomb quotes too so get ready.  
Living with real intent means understanding the “why”—the motives behind our actions. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” So how do you spend your time? Why? The ability to see beyond the moment and to future benefits is a talent worth the struggles of development. If we are not working towards a goal, we are slipping back down the path of complacency. Satan knows that if he can keep us from moving forward than he has won. God knows that if He can encourage us to keep our chins up and push onwards and upwards, then we will one day reach our eternal potential and inheritance by His side. DC 58:26, 3 Ne 12:48.

Cool Ensign article find: "If you find yourself among those who feel trapped in this stagnating stage of life, remember that you don’t have to be doing something extraordinary to have an extraordinary life, but you do have to be DOING SOMETHING." The key is to keep moving. Elder Keith K. Hilbig, said: “The path to eternal life is not on a plateau. Rather, it is an incline, ever onward and upward.” In order to move forward in life—past the stagnant parts of the river—we need to take a step toward improving ourselves. Complacency is surprisingly powerful, though, especially when the ins and outs of daily life can seem all-consuming. Elder John H. Vandenberg of the Seventy commented, “The sad part of humanity seems to be the utter lack of desire, in the lives of many, to really do something about enlarging the vistas of their existence.” That lack of desire doesn’t have to be the sad part of YOUR existence, though. Overcoming complacency and finding the motivation to progress!!"
God has so many goals and dreams for us. We might never find out what they are unless we are willing to WORK for them! He has the desire for us to be all that we can, but do we?! If not, well stop reading this email and go find it! Wait--kidding there are some more awesome quotes so maybe finish:)
Christ lived his life to fulfill his Father's grand design of the Atonement. We live our lives to fulfill the receiving of all the Father has. In other words, His Only Begotten Son and Sacrifice. If nothing else, the fact that He suffered so we could live again is motivation to get up and make something of ourselves. The coolest part is that if we give ourselves to Him then "He will make us" Matt 4:19. 
We have to sometimes give up certain things to show our love for Him. He gave up His Son for us. Any kind of intentional growth involves some sacrifice. Whether it be of time, talent, how in bible times the best of the flock or crop was given to God, He expects us to be willing to trust that what we receive will be far greater than what we give up. But today, “Real, personal sacrifice is not placing an animal on the altar. Instead, it is a willingness to put the animal in us upon the altar and letting it be consumed!”
In order to live a more intentional life, we have to show God our trust in Him and His timing. The desire to intentionally chase the blessings and then patiently wait for His promises to be fulfilled. Take your life to God, lay it out in front of Him and then let Him do what He does best. Be willing to put aside the "I wants" and the "I needs" and be like Bishop Tutu and learn to "shut up more in the presence of God." Haha love that quote! So true. So hard, but what's life without a little challenge? I know that if we spend our lives learning to let "Jesus (God) take the wheel" yes, I am quoting Carrie Underwood, then we will have live a life intentionally trying to Become as He is. And by doing so, have Him on our side and lived up to our divine potential.
Thanks for letting me share all the random thoughts in my head:) Hope you have a great week!!
benson 姉妹

1. The MOST AMERICAN meal in all of ever
2. My favorite little guy! 6 years old and has my heart. actually his entire family does. 


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