June 18, 2017


Tama, Japan


Harmon Shimai

"Repent or Perish" -- On that note, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I feel so blessed to have a dad who I can look up to in so many ways. Being a dad is such a high calling and I am grateful that mine has always been an amazing example to me my whole life!!

This week I got transfered to TAMA. First thoughts:

-What the GREEN?

-Found the hills!

-These people are sooo nice and the food is top notch.

-Sister Harmon and I are already too much alike...I think it scares the Elders.

-Sister Harmon almost died within the first hour of us being together...300lbs of Asian came flying at her on the train, almost crushing her before the guy caught his balance. I was crying and literally in shambles trying to hold in my laugh.

Boy do I miss Hibarigaoka, but I already love the people here in Tama so much! They have dendo fire like no other and are for some reason, in love with Hawaii. Hence the hula class. By next week I'll be able to say I have hula-ed. Excited.

Tama is the cutest ward. It is the smallest one I've ever seen. But their testimonies are powerful. It is amazing to see the church growing in leaps and bounds all over the world. The biggest influence in missionary work is members. As missionaries our job is to teach, but it is hard when no one seems interested. MEMBERS. You are an influence on so many people, friends, coworkers, family and by sharing the joy that the gospel brings into your life can bless theirs incredibly. Please invite them! Talk to them about what you do on Sunday, why you go to church, why you don't drink coffee or smoke. It can be as simple as a normal conversation. Live the way you know is right so others will see the light of Christ in you and want more! And then let your buds, the missionaries, know that you've got someone who might be interested. You are incredibly influencial examples that can make all the difference!!

So the title of this email...We had a meal with a family last night and the dad was telling us stories about his mission. One of the first things he learned in English from his companion was "Repent or perish!" Apparently, he didn't understand what it meant for a little while and kept saying it to people. Man I would have died of laughter if my companion did that. I think I'll learn that phrase in Japanese, play my foreigner card, and see what happens...maybe.  

I love this gospel so much and am so excited to keep learning and growing along with these amazing people!!

benson 姉妹

1. Wearing PANTS because we got to do service! Learned to properly make a bed Japanese style for the cutest old folks home
2. Repent or Perish family :)
4. Hibari Eikaiwa student, so fluent in English he would ask us to explain words like pneumonic(?) don't know if I'm spelling that right, but love him. Also has 2 teeth...only
5-6. Love our cutest investigators!! aka my best friends!
7. Saying bye to Eikawa students the best way we know how, awkwardly
8. One of my many grandmas in Hibari--she kills me, I love her so much!


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