June 11, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Taylor Shimai

Ang Aklat ni Mormon, ?????, Transfer Calls

Congrats to my cousin Riley and his gorgeous new wife Colette! They got married this past Friday and I'm sure it was beautiful! Temple marriages truly are a blessing!

Miracles of the Book of Mormon! We were able to meet with my first actual Christian in Japan!! Outside of the ward members, of course. Let me tell you it was weird. She, calling her Jillsan, knew about God and Christ and believed most of the same things as us my mind was literally in shambles. We had a great lesson, touching on the Restoration, Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon in Tagalog (Filipino language) and she said she'd start to read! Ahh this blessed book is the greatest tool to bring people to Christ!! Also my love for everyone who lives and breathes in this country grew that much more.

We recently got one of our other investigators, we'll call her Sakurasan, to start reading the Book of Mormon. Died of happiness. She started in 1 Nephi 1 and the past 2 lessons since then have been incredible! She read about Laman and Lemuel and said she related a lot to them. Mine and Sister Taylor's thoughts in that moment, "Haha... umm hmm. Well this is odd. Oh no! What have we been teaching her!? Shoot back up, back up. What about Nephi?! I mean he's awesome right!? Alright now how to turn this positive? Hey Spirit help us out on this one." Pretty much prayers were shooting skyward at that point. She related to the fact that she wouldn't want to leave Jerusalem either. There were nice people and things. It was comfortable, why would I leave? Her comments stuck with me. Sometimes we are like Laman and Lemuel in that we don't see the future blessings. We are focused on the moment and are happy living with the natural man inside. We don't want to do something that seems hard right now. We murmur like they did. But God's vision for our lives is eternal in perspective. We sometimes forget that He has a plan even bigger than we know and He will ask us to leave certain comfortable things for ones better. Only in hindsight are we able to truly see all He's blessed us with. We were able to testify that yes, we all have Laman and Lemuel moments of questioning, but our goal is to be like Nephi. Ready and trusting in the Lord's plan. It ended up being an insightful moment for all of us (thank you Spirit)! And she said she'd try to think more like Nephi, よかった!


I am technically no longer a bean...woah scary. And I'm TRANSFERRING. To TAMA. Part of me is excited, but I've grown to love the people in Hibarigaoka with my entire being. I literally have more grandma friends here than I can count. My investigators are my life. So many mixed emotions. Why are feelings a thing?! Ahh I don't want to say goodbye to these lovely people just yet! But on the other hand I am so excited for my new comp, Sister Harmon! We went on splits my first transfer and I adore her, so like I said, I don't know where on the wide range of the emotion spectrum I am. I'll probably go in denial to any emotion for now. Wish me luck.

Apparently, I will also be learning how to hula in Tama. Please look forward to yours truly failing miserably if I can ever figure out how to email a video over 2 seconds long. #shakadude

Late Night Shenanigans (?):

Climbed through our 2ftx2ft 2nd story window that only opens about 30 degrees. Then after taught Taylor Shimai how to do headstands...yeah we had a random burst of energy that got channeled in the weirdest ways!

**Please note, I don't include investigators names because Japan has strict privacy laws and we've been asked to not share names or personal information about them over email. I promise I love them each individually and know their names like my own :)

1. My last week with my darling kid english class. If they don't melt your heart I don't know what will
2. Cutest ward member, will be doing a home stay in Colorado soon!


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