May 30, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Taylor Shimai

Crying with a 70 year Old Man is Good for the Soul

Congrats to my little Bro Casey! How in the world are you graduated from high school I have no idea, but I didn't give you permission to go ahead and grow up...mixed feelings. They say everyone grows up while youre gone, but come on, no one said you had to do it so fast!! Proud of you and all of my cute siblings for being awesome.

Tender Mercies/Miracles:

-Went on splits with Tusevljak Shimai and we saw MIRACLES. Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles right? Well I can say now from experience that's true.

-Little Explanation: Miracle how we got to this point, but in respect of time, I'll get to the big part. BUT we ended up at a less active's (of over 20 years) house. Had no idea he lived there or even who he was. He comes outside and talks to us. He opens us about his situation a little and we talk about his concerns. Out of nowhere I start tearing up and the so does Tusevljak Shimai and we show him the Prince of Peace video. At the end it's quiet and then we hear a quiet sniffle and realize he's crying too. I've never felt so much love towards someone I had met 10 minutes before. THIS IS WHAT A MISSION IS ABOUT. Loving so much your heart could burst and then stand outside a house all quietly crying while testifying of God's love to the best people in the world. Crying happy wonderful why can I not express to you every single microscopic piece of the love I'm feeling for you right now(?!) tears. Love that makes you buckle at the knees, then hits you over the head, and yet feels like the coziest blanket you never want to leave.

-Yamashita 長老 was at our stake conference! Hibarigaoka Ward (missionaries included) were able to sing 'Kami no ko desu' I am a child of God, for him. He gave an amazing talk and related it to the cute story of "Lambert the Lion." His question, "Do we know who we really are? And WHOSE we really are?" My personal testimony is that if we do, that knowledge alone can guide our lives. We are His and I'm seeing that more and more each day.

How to be Japanese:

-start conversations with the weather...I think it might actually be impolite to not...

-Hide in the grocery store across the street and text your husband you won't come home until the missionaries leave

-Wear long sleeves, sweat, and act like youre not dying of heat stroke

-Legit die of heat stroke

-Be unembarrassed of your sweat, everyone else is doing it too

Favorite Quotes This Week:

-What is Morgan Freeman doing inside this small dog?

-"Always be ambitious" thank you, small dog

-You need to get your life

-I look like an inverted panda

Interesting Experiences:

-May or may not have biked out of my mission?? Not entirely sure still. Just trying to be good little missionaries and visit a member and yeah...

-Accidently played bike catchup turned date with a sweet old guy. With Tusevljak Shimai 3rd wheeling. Bike dendo at its finest. He knew the FULL NAME of the church? Has a friend whose a member? Knows where the ward meets? Which is a solid 30 minute bike ride away? Yeah and then he gave me his meshi (business card) and now we're buds. Bike friends for the win. And even though he said not interested, he will be given a call in the near future and meanwhile the Spirit (aka the best companion ever) will have a good chance to get that sweet old heart nice and soft.

-Being stared at in an eki for 5 minutes straight, kid you not--this is no kind of staring I've ever seen. It was covert stalking and we got it on video! I can't explain the amount of laughing we tried to cover up. Ahh the Japanese, love them!

Something Learned:

-God has a way of making things work out. He is very aware of where we are and what we do. But He will never take away our agency. In the end, all we can do is be the best representatives of Him we can be. We can't control any other actions but that of ourselves. So keep on keeping on and always be looking up! He'll help you on your way. 
愛しています!Benson 姉妹

1. Oh my Sister Taylor
2&4. Haha Sister Taylor (Tusevljak Shimai is my other half here)
3.Oh look, Sister Taylor again
5. Temple pdays are the "bees knees" (meaning excellent - the highest quality)


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