May 21, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Taylor Shimai

Yep, No Idea How to Accurately Describe This Week

Big shout out to my cousin/bestfriend Lexi Friend for giving her farewell talk! She is heading out to Arkansas next week!! So happy that we have missionaries all around the world.

Last Pday was pretty casual. Ate sushi. That is becoming a problem. Walked around my first Japanese shrine. It was a cool place, but that's really all I can say. It was nothing like the feeling I get when I walk around the temple. Ahh the whole world just needs to know about this gospel!!

Learned the word, "to lop ones head off." Thank you 1 Nephi 4. uchiotosu- 打ち落とすif you're curious.

Had a lesson in a train station. Different feeling that is for sure, and quite loud. It was amazing to see though, no matter where you are, if you are talking about Christ and testifying, you can feel the Spirit. I LOVE THIS.

First taste of Japan summers. Saturday was the first day I can say it was actually hot. The song "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles featuring Weezer, comes to mind. And that was also the day we were on bikes all day. Here we go! 

Our investigators are amazing people, but sometimes they like to get really busy with school and work....which are all good things but, this is your SALVATION were talking about people! So we are trying hard to get them to see how important this message is and how it can utterly change their life forever. For the best. Calling on all return missionaries, help a sister out. I need ideas.

This week was a blur and I don't remember hardly anything. But I do remember that I am here in Japan to serve. Of all places to go I was lucky enough to be called to this wonderful corner of the world, but above all else, no matter the place I was first called to be a full time missionary and secondly assigned to labor in Tokyo South. No matter if you're a missionary or not, you are called to serve right where you are. You don't need a badge to share what joy this gospel has brought into your life. There is a parable in Matthew 6 about 2 sons. One tells his father that he won't go work, but later repents and does as his father asks. The other says he will go work and later never follows through. Christ asks, "Which one did the will of the father?"  It is the first. Which are you? Whether right now you're the first son or the second, or you're just plain awesome and said you would AND followed through, go back to the basics and follow your Father. His gospel is simple for a reason and He will bless you for putting Him first in your life.

1. Ate my first hamburger in had avacado :)
2. Shrinesssss
3. We think you pull this rope and when the bell rings you are showered with blessings? Felt a little sacreligious so we did not pull it 
4. Nap time? "Sleeping Beauty" on a mission edition 
Lots of love, benson 姉妹


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