May 14, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Taylor Shimai


HAPPY DAY TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL MOTHERS! I know I was extremely blessed with the one I have and also happy (almost) birthday to her! Love you Julie!!

I was able to talk with my family for 40 precious minutes today. Whenever you are home next, charge in and give your family a giant hug, some of us won't get to for a little while so take advantage of your opportunity. If you're in AZ, please hug mine for me too:) our families are the most wonderful people, they love us unconditionally. Show them how much you appreciate that love!

This week:

Last Pday the elders went to CostCo...and brought us back 40 tortillas! Needless to say, we were quite happy. So much so to the point Taylor Shimai hugged them (the tortillas not the elders) the whole time we watched "Meet the Mormons" now they have slight indents from her arms. Yum.

Even though our investigators dropped off the face of the earth this week, we were able to visit lots of less actives, recent converts and members. These people have my heart. Serving them in any way we can really does bring so much joy. From just visiting and trying to help them find their way back to the gospel to going through 70 years of life memoirs and then ending on a conversation about how to teach the plan of salvation to a Jehovahs Witness, serving wonderful people makes my heart happy. Little by little, through genuine love and desire to serve these people are becoming family. They are amazing and too nice. Also give us yummy various foods and hand made, painted cat faces. There is an...infatuation, to say it lightly, for cats and tiny dogs here, it's impressive. But still love them dearly.

I manged to only get us lost once this week, ONCE. Haha, but of course the once was in the rain, in the dark 40 minutes away by bike with 10 minutes till curfew...somehow we got from halfway back home practically back to the members house.?  Idk I think that took some real talent on my part. Whoops. Can still feel that sprint in my legs. Sorry Taylor Shimai.

Also we got soaked this week. Again. Whether it be rain or sweat I don't really know, but I've never been in the rain where the drops were so big. A minute in, I was drenched. It was quite the 30 minute ride back home:)

Really though this whole week was building on common ground. Whether through beliefs, life experiences, hobbies...all we can really do is show others how much we love and care for them. They do have their own agency and may not always do what you wish they would. Doesn't matter, just love and always let them know where that love truly comes from, our Father in Heaven! From there out, if nothing else, everyday put in every effort to love and bring others to Christ and if they don't accept no one can say that it wasn't for lack of trying!

Good reads found this week:

C.S. Lewis said something that captures  what  it  means  to  see  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ while on  your  mission.   He said, “We can say we believe  in Christ as  we believe in the  sun  at noon  day,  not  that  we can see  it, but that  by  it,  we  can see  everything  else”.   The  things  you  will  witness  on your mission, is  what makes you  a  witness  of  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ.   By  no  means  am I suggesting  you  are a  witness  in the  way  that  our apostles and prophets  are,  I  am saying that to  see people  change their  lives, to love people  from another  place is  a testament  to  the  existence of  God  and  his  son Jesus  Christ.   Even  as  I  write this, I  am looking out  my  kitchen window,  I  see the  trees  swaying, I  see  grass  and flowers, but  I  don’t  see  the  sun. However,  it is  the  light of  the  sun that  allows  me to  see  what I  see,  and that is  how I  know the sun exists. The existence of the Son of God has the same value to  us, as  C.S.  Lewis  put so well, it is because we can see at all that we know Christ lives."

"The Champion" 

The  average runner  runs  until
The  breath  in him is  gone,
But  the  champion has  the iron will
That  makes  him carry on.
For  rest  the  average runner  begs
When  limp his  muscles  grow,
But  the  champion runs  on  leaden legs.
His  courage makes  him go.
The  average man’s  complacent when
He’s  done his  best to  score,
But  the  champion does  his  best and  then
He  does  a little more.

Realize that Christ is the reason we see what we see and know what we know. He is the light. He lives and because of that go and do a little more. I will too. :)

Happily slightly sleepy,

Benson 姉妹
1.tortilla happy
2.tried our hand at Mexican
3.please let me in:)
4.Hibarigaoka in the rain


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