May 7, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Dowell Shimai

transfers + questionable thank yous

From a guy in my eikaiwa class, "you are Russian and 30 years old." Haha ummm what? Thank you ? I think? Anyways he was extremely surprised when I was neither of those things. this is the 3rd time that I have been called Russian. Is that a good thing? My brain goes to a large woman with traditional style clothes holding a big wooden spoon named Helga. I guess maybe that's what I look like to them? Hmm... kinda hope not.

I'm not thinking in full sentences today so please accept these scatterbrain bullet points as that really awesome things happened, but I'm real bad at describing them all accurately.

Day in the life points:

-Taylor shimai is my new companion! From Provo, Utah, loves to sing and read, also a tall blonde....I'm starting to think that they like to keep the blondes together or something. If you have ever seen the movie A Cinderella Story, she impersonates the step-mom's voice like no other!

-We are now in charge of a kids english class in another area, so what might have seemed like a more relaxed transfer beforehand is filling up fast! I'm pumped.

-Went to get sushi with 2 members, so a mass of 8 (all the missionaries and the members) walking the tiniest streets in Tokyo.  Happened to run into an eikaiwa student. Hopped off his bike and joined the procession. Now 9 people and a bike, happily traipsing along our way. Wow sounds like the gospel. Get some headed to heaven and pick up others along the way!

-If you didn't catch it, heaven = sushi

-Managed to find a miracle in a little blue apartment complex. Miracle part: shared Prince of Peace video and the guy asked a question, we explained and asked if we could come back to teach more. No. Hmmm. Other questions? Yeah he had loads. We ended up reading parts of Moroni, Alma and teaching the plan of salvation and faith. 40 minutes later he still had questions. As we were leaving we asked again if we could send the elders to his place. YES. stipulation: bring a Japanese person because those white boys don't understand my Japanese. LOL we are two very white girls he's talking to. Also he just asked for a member present lesson...want to know where the font is too while you're at it?  If you're still reading, thank you for being my favorite person!

-I knew my favorite color was blue for a reason

-Found out I don't like red bean paste and mochi, literally the only 2 things I don't like here so far

-Learned the traditional way to have tea. Very long, very exact and quite painful when your legs fall asleep after kneeling for 20+ minutes

-Got to see the most Japanese house in all of ever, literally forgot I was in the middle of urbanized Tokyo

-Learning more about Hibarigaoka than ever before because now I'm responsible if we get lost....

-The Lords timing is perfect. Miracles are everywhere here.

-May the fourth was with Dowell Shimai and I. Our last day together and I still feel that I'm on a split and she'll be back in a day but then realize she's in America right now and my heart hurts.

-Visited the cutest slightly less active lady because of health reasons. she came to church(!) and is literally the coolest person ever and will randomly say the funniest things to me in English

1. Taylor Shimai! 
2. train stations make the world go round here
3. member who turned out to be the cutest little missionary
4. when the members you visit look way cute and casual then there are the missionaries who look like you just poured iced down their backs and forced them to smile, we really do love this family, I promise
5. Hi mom
6. Post tea ceremony with the most traditional yet cool lady in all of Yokosuka also in the most Japanese house

Sending hugs electronically, Benson 姉妹


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