May 1, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Dowell Shimai

Hello May + I'm killing my mom

Hello May! Bring on the short sleeves (finally) and summer umbrellas.(?) Better explanation of killing my mom later....So last week was temple pday and it was an amazing experience to visit it and be able to remind myself that baptism isn't the goal, the temple is and the covenants that are made there. We're all somewhere on the path back but the temple gives us a sure direction. What a blessing! Shortly after Dowell shimai and I were sprinting again. さすが。we had 2 lessons one right after the other 1.5 hours after our session was supposed to end. It takes an hour to get to the temple, and the first investigator's house is a 25-30 min ride from the station...and our session ran late. Haha! Somehow we made it on time! Literally God's miracles will never cease to amaze me. Also my legs are becoming rock solid... go team.

Zone conference: The thought of sitting from 9am-4pm at first didn't sound appealing. Then it got to the point I didn't want it to end! Some firsts for me: I played the opening and closing hymns on the piano...and now people think I can play hymns when fun fact, I only know those two...and then got おねがいed for a musical number that was put together as Dowell Shimai, Burnham Choro and I were walking up to sing. Turned out well actually, Broadway here we come. Seriously though, these mission presidents are truly inspired! President and Sister Warnick know how to hit it home. One of my favorite parts: in everything you do, can you say you are prepared? Are you the kind of person that if God needed you right then and there to share your testimony, would you have read and prayed that morning? Can he trust YOU? He will give success to those who are prepared for it! 

We had the opportunity to be in a lot of members and investigators homes this week. I loveee teaching families. It's the best environment for the gospel. Plus Hibarigaoka Ward is full of families so why not bring a few more in?? 
I'm killing my mom. (Not you, Julie--my real mom--love you) but this is Dowell Shimai's last transfer. She leaves for America this Thursday. Literally an unreal feeling. I will be staying in Hibarigaoka and will be the senior sister of the area....ummm yeah please pray for me! Sister Dowell and I have been ignoring the fact that she's going to be leaving...probably too well. Why pack when you can find people to teach?! Sister Taylor will be my new companion. I'll meet her Thursday then we're on our own. Pumped for our investigators, the area and Sister Taylor, but I'm not okay with Dowell Shimai leaving me.  

Well right now I'm typing this on the train to Yokosuka. And I can see the beach. So yeah, time to stop this now cuz the window is really fun to look out of.

Love you all and have a great Cinco de mayo!! It's golden week here so idk random holidays and people have off work! Hopefully I get to see a festival or two and find cute families! 
All the love -- Benson 姉妹

1. Trying wayy too hard to be Japanese 
2. Takes a miniature (lol) army to put on kimonos
3-4. Yokosuka P-day!
5. Kids eikaiwa and oh my heart they are too cute! 
6. Outside the Japan Temple


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