April 25, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Dowell Shimai

Mission Calls and Crazy Happy, Tired Missionaries!

Shout out to my entireeee family getting mission calls!! 2 cousins headed to Little Rock Arkansas (what are the chances?!) 1 headed to Japan (again, what?!) And my BROTHER headed to New Zealand ! So pumped for you Casey, Lexi, Colton and Caleb!!

This week's lessons!! Ahh I died of pure happiness. All of them had so many interesting questions especially about God. It made me realize how much I don't understand yet. I mean you could be a member your whole life and 80 years later still learn something new! In 2 of the lessons we talked about the restoration and I was able to share Joseph Smiths experience in Japanese. Honestly I don't understand it word for word, but the spirit that his experience brings is incredible. Dowell shimai and I were both able to share personal testimonies about Joseph Smith, our personal knowledge of God and His undeniable love and the power of Christ's infinite atonement.

I was on my last splits for this transfer when I got to teach a genkan (entryway) lesson. This lady was a referral from the elders so Short shimai and I went and visited. She was lovely to talk with and then we got into her interest in the gospel. We were able to give a quick run down of the restoration and introduce the Book of Mormon- chills through it all! She told us she didn't understand everything but she wants to learn more! Ahh the people here have my heart. I can't believe how much love you can feel for someone after a 10 minute conversation.

I HAD SUSHI. BETTER YET I LIKED IT. Literally you can't go wrong with the food here. Never been a big fan of sushi before, but now it kinda sounds all the time. And it came on a conveyor belt, Japan you do it right. The mission really does change you. When we went we ran into the cutest high school girls by jumping into their selfie... you do what you do to talk to people! They were adorable and we hope will come to English class (eikaiwa)! Literally it's the best. It gets people interested in the gospel.. talk to any convert in Japan they probably came from eikaiwa.

The hibarigaoka gaoka ward is full of legends. For example. We have the voice of God. He is the translator voice for the temple ordinances, so when he talks you listen! Plus he's also the best person to ask for any gospel question and we were intimidated/loved when he was in the gospel principles class we taught on Sunday. And then this cute sister who was the 3rd missionary in all of Japan(!) who got baptized before hearing the lessons or reading the book of mormon when she was 17?! Not quite sure how that happened--she was telling me all of this in japanese...then went on to be one of the first missionaries from here? Let me repeat, the people are awesome.

Temple PDAY!
Nestled in the booming streets of Tokyo, the temple truly is a sanctuary! So much peace in the time we were there and then back to the hectic, sprint through stations and trains while getting literally pushed on to them (there are legit paid people to push the commuters on to the trains--so much so that I could practically pick both my feet off the ground and not fall there were sooo many people!) and then sprinting (on bike this time) to lessons. Sounds like a day in the life. So fun! 
sorry for the dictionary length email--craziest week so far! love you all
benson 姉妹

Fun fact: I'm usually the selfie taker bc I have the longest arms....blessings of being in a short country??

1-2. Happy faces even after I pick the only apartment complex to have straight grandmas who said no and go away... thank you short shimai for indulging me .

3-5. The aftermath of housing, getting a towell from 2 cute girls and getting lost in the pouring rain

6. Michikosan baptism! Haha no one was ready when this pic was taken
7. Gyoza--one of the many reasons I will be 400lbs at the end of a year and a half here 
8. we live our life on these bikes!


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