April 9, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Dowell Shimai

11: foot in the door + CONFERENCE

When your comp is the zone STL (Sister Training Leader) it leads to a lot of fun things. Like less-active members giving you canned bread and kimono wrap belt things??

As STL, Dowell 姉妹 had to go on splits with some of the sisters in our zone so I did as well! My normal area is called Hibari Gaoka and then was in Kichijoji and Tokorozawa for splits. I literally felt like a kid being dropped off at kindergarten, first time in the real world without my mom! That's when I ran into cat loving, less-active lady who gave us the aforementioned wonderful little presents.

Ryojin (old folk) home. Some of the special spirits. They are so cute and there are two of them who LOVE to get their nails painted, but we forgot the nail polish.....never seen such dejected faces before. Oh my heart! They weren't all there but I instantly felt so much love for them!

This week I got to work a lot more with members. Guys....member missionary work is the best thing ever. Please invite your friends to everything!! It makes it so much easier to start them on the path when you do it rather than them being stopped on the street by a random person who wants to talk about God with them... I mean as missionaries we love that, but some think it's a bit odd.

Haha I love Dowell 姉妹. All in the MTC we talked about sticking your foot in the door and being bold, figuratively. Well Friday night, we took that to the literal. We visited a potential the Elders found (here we only teach women and the elders teach the men) to see what she was about. Suuuper nice but very persistent that she didn't need the Book of Mormon. She didn't believe in Jospeh Smith's story (Elders had given her a pamphlet). So we stood and talked to her outside her door for 45 minutes, bearing testimony and getting interrupted and just trying to love her!!! The last 10 minutes of that was us trying to give her the Book of Mormon and her refusing it and trying to close the door on us. That's where Dowell 姉妹 foot comes in. She goes to close the door and Dowell 姉妹 sticks her foot out, then knee! Soon enough we have a foot, knee and Book of Mormon in the door! The poor lady's face was priceless!! We told her we dont understand Japanese culture (aka we're being rude so excuse us) and that we want this for her. She was laughing along with us, we all really didn't know what was happening, but we knew we couldn't leave without showing her how important our message was!

Lesson learned this week: sometimes shock and awe is needed. Planting seeds is where a testimony starts. Even if people aren't ready for the gospel now, they know a little more about God today than they did yesterday.

From General Conference (finally got to watch it!! except it was in Japanese so reading through them in English now, so I know what went down)

-- "I am coming to the Lord as I am, but I don't intend to stay that way"-- Holland

-- "If I get tired of walking, I guess I'll just run!" --Sabin

-- "Whatever He sayeth unto you, Do it" --Clayton
Great things from all 3 of those talks. Go watch it again!

1. Michiko, her face when we tell her to smile :) adorbable
2. Sakurai, Dowell Shimai on our wonderful little picnic
3-4. cherry blossoms (sakura) are here!
5. taking dinner to Michiko in the rain--literally ready for anything Japan can throw at me
6. someone turned you down so you take a mirror selfie to put smiles back on faces
7. zone
8. found parts of Arizona in Japan!
xobenson 姉妹


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