April 3, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Dowell Shimai

10: happy APRIL?! + my investigator family

Happy April and General Conference!! We are a week behind for translation here in Japan so I haven't seen it yet, but so pumped to!

This week we ran home twice to get back on time. Both times were miracles--we were 15 minutes away at a fast walk pace and somehow managed to sprint back, running into our genkan with seconds to spare. I never knew how hard it was to sprint in a skirt, a marshmallow of a jacket, and laughing so hard I should have a six pack. I think Heavenly Father is telling us to keep in shape or something...

Also I spaced on introducing my comp! Her name is Sister Dowell and she is literally my mom. She is from California, San Fran area, did cheer and everything in high school, went to BYU Idaho, is our zone STL and bikes crazy super fast. Love her, she is wonderful for dealing with me:)

This weeks Miracles:

Our investigators are heaven sent. Sakuri is absolutely adorable (and speaks english, yokatta!) so I was able to fully participate in our lesson about the Plan of Salvation. The more I study this beautiful plan, the more amazed I am at the love our Father in Heaven has for us. Not only did He create this overarching plan for us, but He has an individualized, an "I know you personally so of course there is something for you" plan for each of us. We tried to convey that idea to Sakuri, and we think she understood! She is progressing so much! After our lesson, she brought us a picnic lunch at a park nearby--the best. Ahhh I want all of our investigators to be my friends!!

MICHIKO! My cute obachan (grandma) is getting baptized!!! She is the sweetest and funniest ever. I adore her to pieces. Still don't understand what she is saying half the time, but I've already made a fool of myself in front of her so we've bonded:) We brought her dinner the other night in the pouring rain on our bikes. Haha that was an adventure all on its own. While we were eating she bore her testimony for over 20 minutes. I could feel how much it has changed her life. Never doubt what this gospel can do.

This Easter there is an amazing video out about the Prince of Peace. PLEASE share this video with everyone. It is incredible to know that there is someone there who can comfort us in any circumstance. Most people don't know that they can turn to Christ. PLEASE help them feel that love by introducing them to Him through wonderful videos paired with your testimony.


1. This is heaven on earth. blueberry and honey topping over ice cream....


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