March 26, 2017


Arrival to Japan


Dowell Shimai

8/9: NIHON!!!! (JAPAN!!!!) + my hands can't talk

Wow what day is it what year is it?? So many crazy things this week... number 1: IM IN JAPAN. This place really does exist! President and Sister Warnick are the sweetest and while we were in the honbu getting trained, they fed us the best food ever! Especially after so long of the MTC food:)

The day before we met our trainers, a couple elders and sisters came from various areas to help us "bean-chan dendo" (newbies first time out in the world). I picked Sister Dowell (remember this name) and we hit the streets. We talked to everyone who would give us a second look--which happened a lot--foreigners and all. I actually got asked if I was Russian, so naturally I responded in my best Russian-Japanese accent and talked to her for a minute. People are AWESOME! It was so fun and exciting to try to turn conversations to God.

The next day (Thursday for me) I found out who my trainer would be......SISTER DOWELL. Literally the only two blondes in all of Japan, roaming and spreading the gospel together. Who could ask for more than that??! We taught my first lesson that night to the cutest 17 year old, Misaki-chan, about faith. She wants to be baptized but her parents won't let her. Lots of prayers are going for soft hearts right now!

Side note: the streets here are so tiny and so are the cars and people! i feel like I'm in Dsneyland stuck in the "Its a small world" ride. I have yet to find a girl here taller than me, and I am I think the 3-4 tallest in the ward. Lets just say that I am a little bit of a sore thumb, which makes everything that much more fun!

Ok yesterday, the coolest thing happened. Rong-san and her son came to church on Sunday!! Why is this cool? Well, the Elders were out streeting this past week and tried to talk to this man who was ignoring them. Rong-san stopped them and asked what they were doing here, a missionary's favorite question. They talked to her for a minute and invited her to the English class that we teach every week. She came and afterwards she told them that she was going to go to church on Sunday. KIINGIN. That's where Dowell Shimai and I jump in. We sat by her in church and explained things as they were happening. (Minus the part where I gave a 2 second talk--never been so nervous in my life) SHE LOVED IT. She stayed for all 3 hours and decided to start talking the lessons with us!!! Her, her son, and she wants her daughter to come to church next Sunday with us. Sorry not sorry Elders, we are stealing her. She is absolutely golden.

Random Japan facts

1. drive on the left side of the road

2. dont EVER stick your chopsticks in your rice and leave them there--bad juju

3. you can't wear short sleeves till the end of April??

4. literally rain stops people from doing anything, its like you cut off their arm or something, not a bad thing for us--that means everyone is home and we can house:)

5. People say they lose weight here, idk how the food is amazing.

6. favorite "please go away" saying, "my hands can't talk right now"..... wait, really?? that's ok, mine can't either but my mouth works fine, let me tell you about who gave you those hands:)


1. When you go out and dog dendo (tell people their dogs are cute and pet them while asking about religion) and come back with random vegetables 2 different sweet people give you on the street--should be good, right??

2. Saying bye to the Collnsworths, love them!!

3. AME (rain) and they actually use umbrellas here, literally rain or shine


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