March 15, 2017


Provo MTC


Powell Shimai

8: NSYNC said it best...

I really hope that song is by NSYNC otherwise this is awkward...cant really look those kinds of things up here

Well my friends, there are a handful of days until I find out if Japan is a real place. NEVER HAD SO MANY EMOTIONS AT ONCE.
Haha it will be weird to leave this wonderful place, even stepping outside to go to the temple on Pday is almost too much freedom for me to handle. BUT in T-5 days I will have free range to wander to my hearts content. I can not wait to talk to everyone and anyone in my (however broken) Japanese. At the very least I hope they will entertain a blonde american overexcited missionary long enough for me to share the things I love.

Anyways enough about that, no use saying I can't wait to be happy tomorrow when there is so much to be happy about today!! 
So many lasts this week. Yesterday was our last time at a Tuesday Night Devo. Those are the absolute best.........along with everything else here! Ok maybe not the food, but I digress. Sister Linda Burton came and talked to us about being representatives of Christ and shared two things that hit me hard. 

1. The story of the Current Bush by Elder D Todd Christofferson--"the Lord loves me enough to cut me down." Story overview: there was a current bush that was very overgrown--big and tall and proud of what it had become. The gardener came around and chopped it to the trunk close to the ground. There were tears of sap coming from the bush, it wondered why it had been cut. "You are supposed to be a current bush, yet you had no fruit, so I cut you down because I know what I want you to be." Our Father in Heaven will trim us to make us who HE NEEDS US TO BE. Our job is to help Him by seeking and loving to find perfection through correction. 

2. Goes with 1. but Ezra Taft Benson said, "If you turn your life over to God....He will make more out of you than you can of yourself." Just like the current bush, we can try our hardest by ourselves, but without the gardener's hand, we won't amount to all we can truly be. Everyday look for the trimming that needs to be done and learn to be submissive to His will.

We had our last lesson with one of our investigators yesterday. A dear 74 year old named Karasawasan (からさわさん). He has been an example to me of becoming teachable as a child. He accepts every commitment with the heart to try his best and always has questions. I love lessons with him, every time I come out learning something new about Christ's love and the power this gospel has to change hearts. 
The rest of this week is going to be absolutely crazy so wish us all luck! I am also the travel leader so pray that we don't get lost getting to Japan...or if we do, pray that it will be a fun adventure:) 

Well off to Japan I go! Talk to you all in a week from the best mission in the world!!!!!! 愛してます!!
benson 姉妹
1. girls of zone 6! 2. outside our last tuesday devo 3. Run in to all kinds of fun BYU friends here---our attempt at being funny


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