March 8, 2017


Provo MTC


Powell Shimai

7: the 12 days of the MTC

The suspense for heading out to Japan is unreal. 12 Days?? Literally its the same feeling as the buildup to Christmas, hence the 12 days of the MTC. Two days this week, sister Powell and I spoke almost straight Japanese--to the extent that we could, because in T-12 THATS ALL WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING. I am psyched beyond belief.

In the Sunday devotional, Sister Sorenson sang "Consider the Lilies" I died. I finally understand why it's one of my mom's favorites. "And He will heal those who trust Him, and make their hearts as gold." I have seen so many people here who truly trust the Lord, and by so doing have golden hearts. It is incredible that no matter what we were before, we can become as He is through this gospel.Also at the Sunday devotional, as a prelude song we sang, "I hope they call me on a mission." Haha I have never seen so many 18-21 years olds so wonderfully happy to sing a primary song. This Church is so true.

This week Powell Shimai and I had so many lessons where the spirit helped us. One especially powerful moment was after we had shown the "Because of Him" video. If you don't know what I'm talking about or don't remember, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. It is my favorite. "He was a carpenter, a teacher, a healer, an outcast. Yet He did what no carpenter, teacher, healer, or outcast, had ever done before. Like everyone else, He lived, and He died. But unlike anyone else He rose again. And because of Him, we can all rise again." After watching that, we said 3 simple statements. "I know that Christ loves me. I know He loves you. I know He did everything because of that love." All these had the same simple grammar structure, but were spoken with love. And He did. He had all the power to not do what He did, but He knew that if He didn't we would have no way to return. He was and is our only chance.

So many other amazing experiences this week that words don't do justice. We had our first Skype TRC and talked to this entertainingly spunky 21 year old who lives in Japan!!!! Kojisan, what a guy. Ahh it was so cool to talk to him and to realize that hey, we can actually speak real Japanese! They're teaching us the right language here! Apparently wakuwaku means excited so I've used that a lot in lessons and every time it makes the member laugh. I guess only little kids say it? Haha idk but it gets them laughing and breaks the ice. Learning Japanese has definitely taught me more how to laugh at myself because the words I say sometimes aren't the words I was going for..... it's awesome.

During your scripture study sometime this week, read Alma 13:3. We all have a job to do on this Earth. Please find out what it is that you need to be doing and follow Nike's advice and Just Do It. You will be blessed in your efforts. 

Last thing,

Shout out to Lisa Carter for sending me the cutest St. Patrick's package ever! It's because of moms like you that I think made my mom ok with sending me off to college a year and a half ago:) Love you!
1. Goetigg Shimai2. Selfies because you dont take pictures seeing as the MTC is kinda the same every day or you dont have your tablet when something exciting actually happens:)
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