March 1, 2017

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6: I will never eat Lucky Charms again

Happy March!! As always so many things happen in a week and words just don't do it justice! 

Ok my branch presidency is absolutely amazing and I adore every one of them. This week, Powell 姉妹 and I taught the District lesson on Enduring to the End. It isn't something we talk a ton about, but it is a HUGE part of this gospel! I was so very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about it. And I guess someone upstairs is trying to get me to understand this topic because in sacrament meeting I got called on to give a talk on Enduring to the Japanese. So, to my sweet branch president, your message was received, enduring to the end is totemo taisetsu!! 
Side comment about enduring to the end. Why is it so important? Think of your favorite movie. What would happen if the last ten minutes were cut off? You'd be disappointed for sure. Almost the whole movie wouldn't have a point. All that build up for what? Nothing. All the good parts happen at the end. So start right, stay right, and FINISH right. 

Our district is doing awesome but you can tell we are starting to go a little insane. To spice life up a bit, we decided to eat an entire column of Lucky Charms for dinner Saturday night. 84. bowls. later. Mission accomplished. Needless to say, the next time I see Lucky Charms will be too soon....Also afterwards when playing volleyball I could not stop laughing, I think the sugar kind of messed with my brain, needless to say it was the most entertaining workout time to date. Miracle: no one threw up after eating all that cereal. 

I was reading in Alma 48-49 earlier this week. Moroni is one of my favorite people I've never met. I mean to have a prophet say, "if all men were like unto you (Moroni) the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever" is a compliment I wouldn't mind being given. Also, seeing as he uses strategy to win practically every war, he's just a little awesome. So please try your best to be like Moroni! 
Well hey I've been in the MTC for 6 weeks and WE LEAVE IN LESS THAN 3! As much as I adore this place and all the wonderful people inside it, Japan is calling! Sadly we have to wait for it just a little longer. But whats awesome is we have skype TRC starting today where we skype a member in Japan and teach them a lesson! It is a little intimidating but we are so very pumped!
ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS HAS A BAPTISIMAL DATE. Please care about this. Even though we know the investigator is really our sensei, the persona they take on as the investigator is a real person. It was the most exciting feeling when they commit. I can not wait to teach repentance and baptize converts to all of Tokyo South Japan!! 

1. Go team2. Our elders doing there part by eating 10ish bowls apiece and finishing the last bowl together
all the love in a handshake,benson姉妹

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