February 22, 2017


Provo MTC


Powell Shimai

5: come rain, snow or hail!

So many delightfully hilarious things happen every week. I am sorry that I don't do the stories justice. Before we get to that, shoutout to my cousin, Colton, who got called to TOKYO JAPAN! So happy for you and see you out there!

Ok so sometimes when the sisters leave the room our elders get into mischief. We had a bag of skittles sitting in the classroom the other day and the sisters left for a quick second. We come back and one of our beloved elders has his head under the tabletop of a desk while another is herding a line of skittles into his mouth. Apparently they had counted out 85 skittles while we were gone and decided one of them had to fit them in his mouth. Surprisingly enough, they all fit! haha the amout of celebration that went on was impressive. Also I don't think the elder stopped chewing for a solid 10 minutes.

So that's just one of the many things that goes on some days, it keeps the energy going which is great! Especially when you're 5 weeks in of sitting in the same spot day after day--I can't exactly blame them!

Also, Soeur Quigley has arrived! I have been fortunate enough to be in the MTC with two of my best friends (sister carter who is now serving the people of Tuscon, AZ and now soeur quigley) which has been a blessing! She is learning French, headed to Montreal, and already insanely good at the language! Not going to lie, I practically tackled her the second she stepped into the MTC.

This week I have seen so many blessings come from prayer. Looking back on the past 5 weeks I see little daily miracles that, at the time, didn't seem all that big. It is amazing to know that we are watched over and that prayers can truly be answered.

My comp and I have been trying to SYL a lot. On Saturday we did an English fast and spoke only in Japanese. We were a bit quieter that normal but we were able to say a lot surprisingly! It is another one of those miracles. Oh Sunday it was pouring but our district decided to walk to the temple anyways. Haha we got soaked and then it started hailling on us!! Also we walked to the temple this morning in a happy little blizzard! Being outside is the best and walking to/being in the temple is always an amazing part of the week! 

Just being surrounded by amazing people here makes me want to be the best I can be in every aspect. Matthew 4:19 says "follow me and I will make you." All of us have goals and dreams. Through my personal study I have learned more about how Christ truly can help us to become what He needs us to be. All of you are amazing and please don't for one second doubt that God can steer you right. Follow Him and He will make you. 
Couple of awesome things1. "the Lord will help us conquer the improbable so that He can prepare us for the impossible." quote from the last devo2. Our investigators are doing awesome! The lessons are getting easier to teach and explain simply. Japanese is my favorite and it makes me so incredibly happy when I can understand the investigators concerns! Literally had two of the greatest lessons on monday because we were trying to view the gospel from their perspective. This gospel is so true and I feel so blessed to be learning more each and every day!
xo bensonしまい
1. rain and hail temple day2. TRC investigator Oobatasan (kind of our favorite person)3. blizzards are fun:)


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