February 15, 2017


Provo MTC


Powell Shimai

4: valentines + prophetic lines

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! You went on a date with that special someone, I got to hear from one of the Lords prophets. Who had it better? I think me :)


Goodness the apostales are truly called of God. The spirit that was in the devotional last night was unreal. He talked a lot about becoming great. "we need not wait to be great" and "Heavenly Father I've done my best today" are two lines I loved. If we start today, trying to become great, then we can say in our accounting to our Father in Heaven that we have done our best. That's all He ever asks of us.

WE HAVE KOHAI. For those of you who don't know what that is....basically I'm an MTC mom. Our zone got a new district on wednesday and we are pumped! Also there are only 9 newbies but 24 of we might be overwhelming them a little but I think they'll survive :) they just get that much more free food.

BEST LESSON EVER. Haderlie Shimai (teacher) had us do an exercise where we role played and extended a baptismal commitment. We had 3 minutes. It was interesting to learn how I teach and a little hard the first time. We learned that if you can't teach the doctrine in 3 minutes then it's too complicated. Simplicity is key. Sometimes I forget that the gospel is incredibly simple. Kids can teach it. Yes, it seems complicated now because I am trying to explain it in a new language, but it isn't a complex idea. Having faith unto repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. That is our purpose and goal. An investigator doesn't need to have a perfect knowledge of dispensations or how we were created, they just need to have faith in Christ unto repentance and baptism. Everything else follows from there.

Ahh guys, the MTC is the greatest. Yes, sitting down is now my least favorite activity, but there are so many things to learn! Also my comp and I have started to become creepily alike. First off her name is Sister Powell and is from Washington State, was a dancer, and went to BYU for a semester studying Geology before coming out on the mission. We somehow always tend to make the same comments at the same time and do so many random things only make sense to us. I mean its not like we're around each other 24/7... oh.

Ok also coolest thing in all of ever. In 1998 (remember that year) President (at the time Elder) Eyring was at the JMTC and gave a talk prophesying about the work that was about to happen in Japan in the next generation. Hearts will be opened to the gospel through changes in the members. Remember that date? It was 19 years ago. Scientifically thinking, it is completely possible for the new generation to be alive and well in Japan. We talked a lot about this in class. The biggest takeaway I had was that we can't be complacent. This change will happen in Japan and everywhere else in the world only if we all step up and take part. The world is becoming more and more receptive to the gospel and everyone needs it!! People can change. Im still not entirely sure how a girl from Gilbert is going to help the Japanese people, but I know I am so excited to do all I can everyday to help them know that someone very important loves them dearly.

Sorry this somehow got incredibly long so last few points in bullets (mostly from Elder Ballard and Holland:

1. If you feel that there is something you can't do, you've got to give the Lord more credit. He can do all things so why can't He turn you into who He needs you to be?

2. Faith works by words. Words are the most powerful tool we have. So, Open Your Mouth.

3. RMs, don't think for one second that you can go back to who you were before. The Lord invested two years in you and He expects great things out of His investments.

Love you all so much and please, if you feel so inclined, send me an email and tell me how great your life is! 
xo bensonしまい


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