February 8, 2017


Provo MTC


Taylar Jensen

Big bubble theory

So you know how every missionary says that the MTC is a bubble? Yeah I never believed them. I mean, how could a place feel like a different universe? Well it does. Idk how they do it--I feel like I could shout a question and someone on BYU campus would answer. Sadly, we've tried but unfortunately no answer. Oh well. However, the outside world has gotten so very much more intriguing since we left it. For example, today my comp and I saw a group of missionaries who saw two other sisters with Jamba Juice. I never knew how much commotion two smoothies could cause. Haha it was hilarious to watch the group berate the sisters with questions of who what, how, where all with wide eyes and watering mouths. So yeah we might act a little like cave men when seeing things like smoothies and phones and jeans, but hey it makes for a laugh. So I've been in this bubble for the last 3 weeks, but, good news, this week my bubble got a little bigger!

Our senpai ("seniors") left for Japan!! So Japan+MTC= bubble. I am adequately jealous because they will be able to go however far their feet can walk and talk to all the delightful Japanese people. I've got 6 weeks. 6 weeks. Until then, the bubble is right where I need to be! 

Tender mercies this week:

1. 2 friends from school work here and found me this week! I was missing being a part of everyone's lives so it was truly a blessing. I felt a little more connected to the stress of school and made me realize how very grateful I am for a test-free year and a half:)

2. The language doesn't seem nearly as impossible anymore! I mean, we're talking about Japanese here which before now seemed 100% harder than rocket science. Everyday I pick up new words and now can understand mostly everything the sensei say in class. IT IS LITERALLY THE COOLEST. Also lessons with our investigators are going well! They are the sweetest people and funny, especially since we are trying to imagine our 21 year old sensei/investigator as a 74 year old man. Also all the letters that looked like a 3 year old went crazy with a crayon make actual sounds and form actual words! Languages are awesome.

3. Choir. The best thing outside of class and devotionals. We sang Where Can I Turn For Peace last week. The spirit that was there I can't even describe. It is the epitome of missionary work. As a missionary, member or set apart, we are here to spread the joy of the gospel. We are here to show others how and who to turn to for peace. When other sources cease to make us whole, HE UNDERSTANDS. Like when Peter fell into the water after doubting his faith, we sometimes may doubt what we know. When that happens, we MUST call out. Immediately our Savior and friend is there. Christ will always reach out and grab our hand, even if our attempt is weak. He reaches our reaching. He will never let us drown. We will never sink farther than the light of His love can reach us.

Since my zone is all headed to the wonderful world of Japan, who unfortunately know little to nothing about God, we've been told some different things. We've been told over and over that the lesson we will teach most often will be about our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and prayer. There is almost an entire nation that doesn't have any inkling that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can comprehend. He wants to hear from us. And the greatest thing is, He talks back! They grew up never expecting answers to prayers. Never feeling that someone knows them perfectly. As much as I love the MTC, I can't wait to share that message with the people of Japan!!
As always, I love everyone in the world with all of my heart and please don't forget that there is someone who loves you more! 
Also, 1/3 way through MTC and I'm surprised how the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Missions are odd, but I love them so that makes everything ok. 
I FORGOT. We got our Kohai (the missionaries my zone will "train") TODAY. There are 24 of us and 8 of them so please pray that we will restrain ourselves from suffocating them with all of our love:)
あしてあす!benson しまい
1. Brother Erickson found me! So fun!2. sister Harmon--my favorite person to hug because a. she is the tinniest human and b. makes everyone hug her for 7 seconds3. bye bye senpai


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