February 1, 2017


Provo MTC


Taylar Jensen

2: our trio's down to two

Well this week fell into a sort of routine which was good! Sit and study, study and sit, eat, sit and learn にほんご, learn にほんご and sit, eat sleep and repeat. Amazingly enough, the days are starting to creep by! Its a little sad because the English speaking missionaries that we came here with will be leaving us behind on monday. And they are kind of proud of that fact. Oh well, i'll get to Japan eventually!
So this week, there was a しまい (sister) in our district who left. We will miss her dearly but God has a plan for her which includes other things! Because of that and my companionship was the only trio of girls, our trio turned to two. Powell Shimai and I will miss Jensen Shimai but you know, it's all for the best!! "We still love everyone and everything in the entire world"--Powell Shimai
Surprise surprise! After teaching Ootason, our investigator, 4 lessons he turned into Strauss Kyodai another teacher! Haha we all had a great time talking about all the funny things we accidentally told him like, "God is our helicopter" "when does church start?? ummmmmm Roku! (lol 6am)" and how he would hear us give high fives outside the door after we were done teaching. Haha all in good fun! Now we are teaching Haderlie Shimai (our Sensei but now investigator) and we are getting introduced to our other investigator later today! So pile on the lessons! 
Powell Shimai and I did an English fast on Monday. Haha that was fun. We said it was cold. a lot. Apparently we need to learn words other than gospel only gospel related... 
Also super cool! In class one day (literally can't remember which all my days are blurred) we had to teach the first lesson in 30 seconds. wow we were all sweatin bullets watching the clock count down when it was our turn. 3, 2, 1... was a mumble of all words entirely unintelligible. But yet so fun. 
Ok I seriously wish all of you could come to the devotionals here. They are 1. incredible and full of amazing testimony of the importance of the Spirit, I have pages of notes on all the many things I need to work on to be a better missionary and representative of Christ 2. delightfully entertaining, on Sunday a recent convert sister came up and shared her story which included a boy who converted and baptized her before she came on the mission. lo and behold, that boy is now an elder in the MTC right now. I have never seen a cuter red face when he walked up to the podium to help tell the story. Needless to say the whole MTC is rooting for that marriage to happen. 
I love what Elder Meurs from the 70 taught us yesterday. "Focus on what you can control and leave the rest up to God, he's got it all figured out anyways." Such a good thing for me to hear! 
3 last things1. focus on the things that matter most2. be happy3. listen to every good prompting you get, you won't rergret it
with all the love I can put into a handshake,benson しまい

Also please everyone appreciate the fact that we can say the word savage in Ni Hongo--"satsubatsu" さつばつ
1. My cute companion Powell Shimai2. Hiragana is fun but takes me a lifetime to read still


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