July 2, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Parsons

First prayers from a ???

Life is great over here in Asia!! 
So much so that I have been renamed as a member of Kawasaki Ward (ken chan) and I'm told I need to stay here and marry a Japanese man. Goodness I love this ward so much. 

But this week went by far to fast as always and I can't believe it is now July. That being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!! the best big sister ever!! 大ーーーーーーー好きです!!

Also miracles are happening! A few days ago, Sister Parsons and I had a lesson with a potential investigator. We found her several weeks ago when we were out, having ended our prayer only seconds earlier to find people who were ready for the gospel.  She and her cute little 4 year old son were walking by and we said hi to them. Her son then starts going off on the most intricate explanation of trains. I swear there is a rocket scientist brain locked inside a 4 year old body, haha. He just kept going on and on and his mom was like sorry, he talks a lot. We started talking to her and found out that she is interested in Christianity(?!?!). So we've been trying to meet with her for EVER and the man downstairs must have kept making things happen to prevent us from meeting BUT we FINALLY had a lesson with her and it was amazing!!

She opened up about a lot of things and has had a very hard life. You would never guess by looking at her; she is so beautiful, young, put-together-looking, with an adorable family. But her words were expressing a whole different person. She said something that dashed my heart to pieces; do I have worth? I don't feel like I can be loved.
I have NEVER felt so much love flood into my body in one moment. It was like someone brought Niagra Falls to Japan and emptied it on my head. The Spirit was so strong and Parsons Shimai and I testified to her that she was a daugher of God. We told her that He loves her very much. Naturally, we all started crying and hugging cause that's what girls do and it was a moment that I will never forget. If I can feel that love much for her (most likely only a piece of all that Heavenly Father has to offer) I can only imagine the extent of the love He feels for her, me and all of us. I love her so much already.

In that moment my amazing companion asked if we could sing a song and she played "I Am a Child of God." This song lately has brought so much power. Never in my life have I understood what this knowledge means to me as much as these past few months in Japan. It is incredible to watch a person who has never thought for a second about a being that we know and love as our Father in Heaven have their eyes opened to that incredible knowledge. I love it and I will forever relive those experiences. We then closed with a prayer, which she said. The sweet innocence of a first prayer. She prayed and thanked HER (and my) Father in Heaven for bringing us together. This is something that has always made me feel so very blessed, being a part of someone's first sincere prayer.  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! 
I can't put it into words (or when i try it becomes an essay) how much these little moments have meant to me. I love Japan and I can't imagine being anywhere else right now!

Pics: Missionary crossing, Best ward mission leader, FHE with hair done by a 5 year old, Book of Mormon photo shoots🌞


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