June 25, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Parsons


The weeks truly feel like days!! Time is a funny thing on the mission, but I am grateful for every second I get to call myself a self-pronounced Japanese:) 
We had the best visit from Elder Yamashita and his wife this week. I love our leaders! 4 things we were taught stuck with me. They were geared towards missionaries, but I think they are good like principles as well:
1.  Always be positive
2.  Always be reliable
3.  Remember your purpose
4.  OYM (open your mouth)
When we are positive, any situtation can be turned into a blessing. When we are reliable God, He can trust us with responsibilty and blessings that will turn us into the people we need to be. When we remember the reason we are here, to obtain eternal life and immortality we make better big picture decisions and life becomes more fulfilling. When we open our mouths, opportunities also open and we are able to do all that our Heavenly Father wants us to do! This gospel gets me every time. God is so good to us! 

Last week we had practice for our Mission Fiesta that will be happening in July and Elder Yamashita gave a training for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) and then Zone Conference. The Yamashitas and two stakes in our mission, were able to find out some more concerns our investigators have regarding baptism (one concern being stated word for word by Elder Yamashita in MLC (prayer and the Spirit are two amazing things) who then was able to talk to me about it and hopefully we can get our investigators to understand the same things!) So many other wonderful things that I can't possibly put into words! 
Except for one...:) after Eikaiwa (English class) we always share a gospel message. Sister Parsons and I talked about the music of the gospel. We were able to have a less active brother and 3 other eikaiwa students there with us. Basically what was said, the music of the gospel is something we all know and it is those feelings in our heart that cause us to do good and feel loved. As we listen to those feelings our feet hear the music and start learning the "dance moves" of the gospel. As we continue, that feeling grows and we start gaining a deeper understanding of simple truths. One of which we sung for them. We played "I Am A Child of God" on the uke and asked them to listen close as we sang. At the end of the song, one of the ladies was in tears. She told us she had never felt that kind of calm before. She had never known that there was someone that is out there looking after us. I love the power of music in helping us feel the Spirit. And at the end of the lesson, the less active brother volunteered to say his first prayer in over 10 years. The words he said were so simple and so sincere. He is on his way back, just like all of us. I will not be forgetting that night anytime soon.

Had a little moment this week where I was questioning why do I not feel a crazy strong impression to do this or that every second of every day? Elder Bednar has an amazing talk that my District Leader reminded me of, "The Patterns of Discerning Light". Elder Bednar says that why would God send an angel if God can bring to our rememberance experiences that will help us do good things. That, and God gives us the gift of intelligence and agency. He trusts us to do good things. So this week find out what God wants you to do and trust that as you move forward He will give you little nudges to help. 

Recent (re)discoveries you always find right where you least expect it in this country:
1. Found a new love for salmon and veggies
2. Opening your heart to others from the first moment makes it 100% easier for them to smile and become your friend:)
Remember, D&C 6:33-37, The music of the gospel (video on Gospel Library), Patterns of Discerning Light by Elder Bednar.

Have the best week!!!


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