June 11, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Parsons

Singing and dancing our way into hearts<3

Just finished hula dancing with a 65 year old lady so life is a party! We met her this last Friday while out streeting and then we found out we both do/have done hula and it was a date. So fun and we were able to talk a little with her about the church as we toured her around it. Japan will never cease to amaze me:))
Lexi Walker, the cute girl who sang, "Let it Go" with Alex Boye, came to the mission to do a concert! We took the party with us, 2 investigators, 2 potential investigators, and our slightly less active friend:) It was a great night full of fun songs and a couple that were very near and dear to the heart of the Japanese, like Furasato. They loved it and because of that we should be able to help those potential investigators become investigators. Music is the best! 

So last night we were at a memebers house with a friend and 7 other SA/YSA membes. Yamashita Kyoudai (member who reminds me of my grandpa, he just messes with me and calls me a lord of the rings elf, which I would get that reference better if I had seen the movies buuttt...yeah anyways) looked at me and said, "This might be your last time at my house, do you have anything to say?" and my heart just dashed to pieces. Got all teary-eyed and could not express a single thing I was thinking through words, but that feeling made me realize just how much I love the people here and this, as hard as it sometimes is mentally and how much I would just love to sleep in and get a massage cuz my back is a wreck....IS SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT. I keep remembering that I need to and am enjoying the now:) So please enjoy it too! 

One thing that has been going through my head lately is, you'll never get today back. A quote that a member told me, "Time. Something we all want, but also the thing we all waste." Sooo true! Don't waste a single second of life! It's too fast already. Crazy to think that there are so many things ahead that will be really fun, but at the same time today it so amazing! Don't waste it by worrying about the tomorrow that will never come. Because it is always TODAY. 

Hope life is amazing, hope you make it amazing! 
Greatest talk, "The Adventure of Mortality," by Dieter F. Utchdorf (broadcast find it on <a href=""></a>) 
Greatest quote, "Do your best, your very very best. Say your prayers, work hard and leave the harvest to the Lord," by President Gordan B. Hinckley.



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