May 13, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Parsons

I love my life:) <3

HAPPY MOTHERS  DAY!! I just had the best one talking to my family, they truly are the biggest blessing in my life! 

This week was absolutely insane. And I say that every week, but I think its because my definition of a utterly tiring and spiritually happy week changes every week:)

We were able to get some lessons started with 3 of our potential investigators and now they are investigators!! And I love them all! 2 are very close to my age so it is so fun talking to them about what I love and being able to share in on similar life experiences to teach about the importance of having the gospel. The other lady is another cute grandma who is hard of hearing so our lessons sound like a slow motion argument (slow and loud is the only way she understands) and it is the best thing! 
In various lessons this week we were able to focus on Christ's attributes. I have grown a greater appreciation for who He is every single day. The other day it was rainy and cold so in meeting with a recent convert we shared the Christmas video "He is the Gift." Just listening to the video's music, the rain outside the window, sitting on a floor while talking to the sweetest lady and bearing testimony of how Christ has become My Gift is something I don't ever want to forget. In moments like that, the world seems so small and every problem so insignificant. We're all here because of one quiet night a long time ago and in a place far away. The best feeling of peace knowing that He is there.

Right after that very peaceful moment, we streeted into a spunky lady who was telling us to follow her to this hole in the wall museum because if we didn't our lightning sticks (umbrellas) would fry us. So we followed her and walked into the one room museum for 5 minutes, took some pics with angry japanese art and continued on our way:)
Also housed into an awesome grandma who is obessed with God. The Japanese belief is that God is in everything and is everything was something she could not stop talking about! She invited us in (?!?!) and we took pictures in her very authentic home, sang "I Am a Child of God," talked about the Japanese meaning of the word kami (God) (which was actually super cool) (these guys are way more Christian than they know) and her husband took our picture and will draw our portraits for us? So cool and so random. Missions!

At Zone Conference we were given trainings on perfectionism and preparing for baptism. I know I've worried if my efforts are good enough and it used to stress me out if not everything got done in a day or if things didn't go exactly according to plan. But recognizing what God's expectations are and setting my sights on that has taken a whole lot of stress off of me. If anyone is feeling stress, I suggest to focus on what matters most and talk with God to straighten out priorities and it will make a world of difference. :)
As for baptism, it is such a key part in our lives. it starts us on the right path and gives us the direction to go. When we invited one of our investigators to be baptized she responded with, "I don't know yet" and that is ok. Everyone has their own path to lead them to THE path. Its amazing to see others walk the path to Christ and hopefully we can all be the examples and the arm for them to lean on on their way there. 
Japan has become my second home and the people here are my heart. We have a worldwide family and I'm so grateful everyday for the opportunity I get to know my brothers and sisters here in Japan.

Love you with my ever growing heart!!ベンソン姉妹
Japanese "angry art"
Sister Parsons!
Sister Walker!
Some of their beliefs...
My brother Brother Benson in New Zealand--Mother's Day Skype call and my family Skype call!


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