May 6, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Parsons

Bueños Diás! ??????????

Happy late Cinco de Mayo! and Happy almost Mother's Day!!! 
We had the BEST Cinco de Mayo with the Elders' investigator getting baptized! It was an amazing service and the feelings that you get as you see someone make promises with our Father in Heaven. Just a little jump in your heart that helps you realize why we really are here! To make promises with God and spend the rest of our life making good on them:) 

Other fun highlights of the week:
- Getting mobbed by a 6 year old soccer team and getting to tell them all and the parents standing around us who we are and what we do as missionaries. Then they start daring each other to hug the foreigners, so we high five our way out of there:)
- Walking through the prettiest park talking to people about their families make for the best afternoons
- Brain fogs where you start talking about how God turns strengths into weaknesses while practicing with your cute companion and then both collapse in giggles
- Parsons Shimai and I bought a succulent last pday. His name is "Bouba." Bouba almost died from the wind blowing him off a 5 story porch, but he didn't. Just maybe a few leaves slimmer than he started off...
- Getting to pet the FLUFFIEST dog I've seen in a while. Dog dendou is a real thing in Japan.
- The Spirit's protection is 100% for real. One morning this week for workout time we played soccer as a district. During the game I took the ball down the side of the park and then shot towards the goal...little did I know that there was a lady there talking to one of the Elders and my kick took the ball about 2 inches over her head! I run over apologizing about almost giving her a very rude awakening and she's just laughing at me and saying she felt very alive in that moment. Needless to say I apologized over and over and then we became friends and she might now come to our English class. And to make it better, the kick made it in the goal:)

Still more highlights:)
- Another major highlight of the week was in a lesson with my favorite investigator (they are all my favorite:)). She had no background in Christian beliefs so when we started teaching her, it was from the beginning and very simple. With her personality it was hard to tell if she was feeling much during the past few lessons. But then this week, we RPLA through 2 Nephi 17 and related everything to her. There is true power in the Book of Mormon because towards the end of the lesson she opened up to us on how she was feeling. The happiest of tears were coming down in torrents. The thing she said that hit me the most was "money cannot buy this kind of happiness. And I am happy." At that point we were all in shambles. It is so true. She doesn't know everything yet, but she can feel the difference when she walks into the church to meet with us. This is the feeling the whole world needs!! 

Happiest of weeks to you all!ベンソン姉妹
1. Splits for MLC with my fav YOZA shimai
2. Park dendou
3. Almost a family pic (just missing one of my daughter's, Hansen shimai)
4. Fluffy dog
6. Post baptism bug eye selfies with the best  


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