April 16, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Hansen


My daughter (daughter means a sister missionary Kendra has trained) is now an adult...*tears* HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER HANSEN.

Firsts of the Week
- Taught a baby eikaiwa 
- Became a bug catcher extraordinaire
- Latin danced while speaking Japanglish while eating sushi in japan:) #cultureshock
- Experienced sideways rain
- Did my hair

You should be proud.. I was asked to catch a bug....and I did it!

I caught a giant moth (?) for a 6 year old boy. The reason I caught said bug was because he was outside trying to catch a giant grasshopper and it was on the second story of his neighbors house. He was trying his hardest to get me to go knock on their door and ask to get it while he "made sure it didn't fly away" and stand outside while I did it. LOL this kid is smart. So instead I try to please him by catching this giant moth, which he was happy with, but then he was not gonna forget about the bigger one and wouldn't let me forget it either. The most guilt tripping I've received from a 6 year old in forever. I love Japanese kids::)))

Also had Stake Blitz! Got all missionaries in Yokohama Stake together to dendou and I got to see both my "daughters" and they went on splits together for an hour! Proud mom moments there. We were able to talk to a lot of people about what is important to them in life which gave some great answers. Best one I heard was love. And the person practically quoted the entirety of General Conference. Love truly is the reason we are here! We have a loving Heavenly Father who wanted us to learn and grow. He created a place for us to do just that. The best part is we are never alone and can always feel that love as we try to do all that we were sent here to do! 

Love Japan and my growing number of 2-6 year old boy-friends:) 


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