April 8, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Hansen

General Conference!!:)

This week was amazing!! 18 hours of conferences (zone and general conference) made for a spirital high that is only the starting point of good things to come! 
Some things I liked from conference:
 - I must live a guided life, I can't just follow the feet of those in front of me.
- My own wisdom is insufficient 
- Humble, pray with faith, obey exactly, pray to know the needs of others
- I have been blessed with a today. What am I doing with it?
- Service can lighten your burden
- Heaven will work backwards and turn temporal suffering into a glory and the blessed will say, "I have never lived anywhere but heaven"
- Don't deny the power within
- Meekness is learning and loving those we never thought we could learn from or love. (along with everyone else)
- If i truly understood the sacrifice Christ made for me, what kind of follower would I become?
- Teach them their identity and purpose
- Christ went about doing good. Can the same be said about me?
- Success: going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm
- The importance of our second by second decisions on the result of our lives
- The temple is the place we all need to be
....and then from zone conference we talked about conversation and rejection.

One of my favorite parts was from a TED talk on a guy who did 100 days of rejection. He found out that he could "fulfill his life dream just by asking." He learned to ask and if there is rejection, not to run away, but if the moment allows it, to ask why. To turn that NO into a New Opportunity. I loved it!

I hope you all enjoyed receiving your own personal revelation this week and are able to apply into your life today, or for most of you, as of a week ago :). I am so grateful for a living prophet who receives continuing revelation to guide the church. We as individuals make up that church, so lets continually strengthen the church in our own lives! 
1.Put on an Easter party for English class and brought in my family tradition of bunny cake! 
2.Train dendou with the cutest!
3.When you see it....#elders
4.Teaching Japan about Easter, one bunny cake at a time!! 


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