March 19, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Hansen

Transfer 9

We had transfers last week as well as a zone pday. Found out that I will be finishing up Sister Hansen's training here in Kawasaki!! 川崎.

The past two weeks have had crazy things happen, so much so that there hasn't been much time to think! We had a mission wide Polynesian Night where there was Hula, Haka, dances from other Polynesian Islands and the overall theme was the Book of Mormon! Great time showcasing the history of our church and the Book of Mormon in a fun way!  
Other events include Relief Society opening social where we tried to memorize the Living Christ in 15 minutes. Thankfully we were in groups and split it up so we each memorized a section. It is a wonderful document that beautifully explains who Christ is to us. Go read it! 
Little things hit in big ways this week. We had an investigator tell me that she doesn't think she can get baptized because she helps at another church. Broke my heart in two and by that happening made me realize again just how important this gospel is to me. Her getting baptized or not technically has no influence on me. If it was her saying no to buying the car I suggested I would not be this heartbroken. It's because of the fact that we know how much Christ can help her in her life and as for now, her not seeing or receiving those future blessings is the saddest thing. And on the other hand, we were able to teach a couple more about God in 15 minutes than they have been taught in their whole lives. To the point that they didn't have any answers to the questions of, "If there was a God and you could talk to Him, would you want to?" and others like it. But the best thing is that God knows them, and all of us! He will help them on their individuals paths and use us as trail markers. :)
Sister Hansen quotes..."we can't communicate properly if we dont have emojis!" (when we mail investigators) "I saw three cats this morning, I am blessed." (practically every morning when she rides her bike behind me running) "I think my spirit animal is a cat. A really very loud cat." My companion is the cutest. 
You Can Do It Now! by Elder Utchdorf is an amazing talk. Please go read! 
Hope you have an amazing week! 愛してますベンソン姉妹
1.district beloved Japanese grandma
3.when the elders steal your camera daughters! Sister Hansen and Sister Hancock!
5.4 eyesssss
6.district lunch we made okonomiyaki
7.last week sports pday
8.Sister Dendou
9.pday morning crepes:)
10.習字Japanese calligraphy
11.beary cute investigator


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