March 4, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Hansen

Outta this World

This week we had one of the most interesting lessons. To give the highlights..
--satellites can steal our brainwaves
--we are meeting with the human medium between the spirit world and our world wooooahhh
--Russia has brain wave implanting devices that were kept secret after the war that they now use to get money and steal secrets
--the water in peoples bodies can stop the satellites stealing our brainwaves(?)
Suffice it to say, we now have some good ideas for protecting ourselves against extraterrestrial (and man made) brain wave stealing devices:)
We had some other experiences with heavenly (way better than "out of this worldly") influences this week. We had Mission Leadership Conference (MLC) and it was incredible. The leaders of this church and of this mission are inspired. When I look around that room it makes me incredibly happy to know there are millions of us around the world (with or without the nametag) that are working together to share the greatest message the world has ever known! A message that changes lives and connects families, all packaged up in the Book of Mormon. I was able to bear testimony of that on Sunday during sacrament meeting and I've never felt stronger that Joseph Smith was 100% speaking truth when he stated that the Book of Mormon is the "MOST correct of any book on Earth, and a man WOULD get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts." AMEN to that. 
In Sunday School we talked about growing our talents. Kinda took an odd spin and we started talking about the fear of failure. In my house there is a quote, "FAIL. First Attempt In Learning." We talked about no matter what we might think is a failure, it is actually an opportunity to learn and grow. We talked about something similar at MLC. That "NO" means "New Opportunity" there is no such thing as a failure unless you don't take that new opportunity or you don't learn. Weird but I am excited to go fail and learn so much this week! Hopefully amid loads of other successes though;)
Talk recommendation "You Can Do It Now" by President Utchdorf. Whatever you need to improve on or start doing in your life the best time to start was 50 years ago. The second best time is NOW. 

1. Ice cream with the best
2. Both Sister Hansen and I don't know what this pose is, but it is apparently a favorite among Japanese missionaries sooo..#wheninjapan
3. Pday funnnnn
4. Okonomiyaki...heaven in a pancake
5. Elder Call fell victim to the object lesson lol. 
6. District + my 2 year old valentine and 5 year old hair dresser 


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