February 12, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Hansen


Literally the most insane week in the best and most tiring definition of the word. 

Monday started with yummy gyoza and Chinese friends then went into headed to Kichijoji with our best 70 year old grandma friend to eat sushi and watch Alex Boye and Bless 4 perform in concert. (Side note: Alex Boye has the most amazing testimony and back story, we were all very impressed with that and the music.) Got back late and the next morning found us speed walking to the train station at 6am to get to Zone Conference. After that amazing 7 hours of being hit over the head with spiritual wonderfulness we were wiped. Wednesday was decently missionary normal with lessons, streeting and housing (probably the only normal day this week) then on to Thursday which found us (again) in a dead sprint to the train station at 5:20 am on our way to split for Mission Leadership Conference. That's always one sure way to get the blood pumping in the morning. Mission Leadership Conference was a giant discussion session with all the mission leadership on how to help the mission and I feel blessed to be working with such driven and wonderful people! Friday brought visits with members and district meeting and dinner for the start of the new transfer. Saturday we finally got around to buying Sister Hansen's new bike (still waiting to be named..) and then running the 3+ish miles back home in less time then expected (blessings). Sunday was a great day talking to members and teaching lessons for different people/classes and a yummy lunch of okonomiyaki with the cutest family along with a lesson about the 1st article of faith, then dropping by another member's house to return some things and ended up being given more than we were returning. 

It has been a ride of the week. Just want to touch on 2 things that we focused on at Zone Conference. 1. Allowing Christ to become our "why." The why behind missionary work and the why we do all we can everyday. We focused on understanding the Atonement and His tangible sacrifice for each of us personally. If He was able to do all He did then it's a small thing to ask for our will, which truly is the only thing we can give Him. 2. Involving the Book of Mormon in EVERYTHING. Lessons streeting contacting planning... the Book of Mormon is the key! 

This week so many wonderful things hit me in ways I could never describe through an email. Just know that there are people in every corner of the world who are looking for the gospel and the safety it brings into our lives. Christ did this all for us and the least I can do is give up some of my time for Him. I can't explain how much the little miracles I have seen so far in Japan are changing me little by little into someone who is truly starting to understand all that He has done, is doing and will do to help us along our way. I love Christ and I love the chance I get to represent Him in the little things.

Happy Valentine's Day and don't forget to read the Book of Mormon today!! 


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