February 5, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Hansen


Yeah so last week I talked a little about time, which I so wish I had more of this week! I picked up my new comanion straight from the streets of Boise, Idaho (and a 2 month stay at the MTC). Her name is Sister Hansen and so far the ward loves how close our names are and pointed it out to us all day yesterday. She is friends with people from all over the world, studied Japanese and loves piano and is the oldest of 5 girls. Pic down below!

I had the opportunity to go dendou with the new missionaries before we were assigned our next companions. It was fun to think back to my first day in Japan and all the different emotions. Made me appreciate what we call here "bean chan power." We were getting to the time to head back to the church when the sister I was with noticed a girl crying. Split second decisions and we both knew we were going to be late meeting up with everyone else. This cute girl had felt she had done bad on a test for after school school (Japanese kids usually go to a study school where they get more homework and tests after normal school...) and she had decided to go to the park and try to forget about it. We were able to talk to her and share a scripture about God's love for her. He knew her and I couldn't help but feel He knew that she was having a hard day. We hugged her and helped her see that it would be okay. One of the moments I will never forget. God knows us and knows our needs. Most of the time though, He will send help through other people. That being said, as long as we are looking out for the people who need our help, which my companion was, then everything will all work out for their good and ours. DENDOU IS THE GREATEST.

Back and forth to the mission home to receive trainings and all other kinds of wonderful things, Saying bye to Sister Walker was hard--she's the jellyfish to my giraffe--reliving all the wonderful times in my first round of training as I'm helping sister Hansen with it all, and going nuts trying to plan Zone Conference trainings in the little amount of time we have (aka tomorrow..) It's been a very busy start to what I imagine will be another fun crazy transfer! 
Saying bye to Morris Shimai and my jellyfish amane channnnnnn, cutest in the world! 
All the new missionaries and their trainers! 


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