January 22, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Walker

Year of Blessings as Fun as this SNOW

This week I feel like i got hit over the head with a brick. Reasons:
1. I have been a missionary for over a year...?!?!?!?
2. Got the brain fog that comes from trying to translate for 7 hours during zone conference 
3. Studies were little mini brain explosions of wonderfulness every day
4. Death letter. 
5. Too many other "too coincidental to be coincidence so obviously God is mixin' up some wonderfully amazing miracles in our lives"
6.Moments to fully explain accurately in a bullet point.
7. My Sis, volleyball superstar and happy go lucky mini me, turned 12 this week...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAL!! 

We were walking back from accidently housing into a former investiagtor, well the son, who didn't speak much of Japanese or English (miracles in a different sense) and already in a "what the MIRACLES" mindset, we turned the corner and saw a girl. Called out to the her in English....don't know why, buuuuttt she ended up being the cutest ever from Scotland who was just down to talk to us for a while!! (now we are very mindblown)  No rush, just normal conversation (as normal as you can get with two very Japanese Americans, who have become completely blown out of their minds by this down to earth, easy to talk with girl who they are just dying to be friends with) which was miracles on miracles for that night. We exchanged contact info and hopefully will be able to meet up soon. 

As of now, investigators that we meet with regularly are few and far between, but we love each of them with our hearts! It's amazing to see people hear this message for the first time. They're not quite sure what it means for them yet, but im excited for the day when they realize it's all given to us by a loving Father in Heaven who wants us to come back to Him!

During comp study this week Sister Walker and I got talking about the Atonement. Every time I think about that amazing event I can't comprehend even the slightest amount of what Christ went through for us. But a thought I hadn't had before gave me a little more insight and appreciation for what He did. In the scriptures it tells us that He suffered for all of mankind, regardless of their acceptance of His sacrifice. I always imagined lumping together every pain in the world and then Christ taking it on in an hour of just plain excruciating pain. But as I was reading in the book "Jesus the Christ," I started thinking differently. My personal opinion now is that the pain wasn't a lump of indistinguishable experiences. Instead He went through every person's life. One by one. Saw their face in His mind's eye as He suffered what they would go through. It hit me hard that the only reason He was able to perform the Atonement was because He was God's Only Begotten Son with power given to Him to complete the work. He had to DECIDE to keep suffering. He CHOSE to suffer for my pains when my face was the next one in line. He chose to keep going through the billions of people's experiences and consciously choose to keep inflicting more pain on himself. He should have died millions of times over, but He chose to keep going because He knew the role He was playing. The self control the patience and the love that He showed is unimaginable. 

ALSO IT'S SNOWING! Living as real life Elsa for the day👋


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