January 14, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Walker

Johnny Depp and Latin Dance Parties

There are so many moments that RMs (return missionaries) talk about being awkward or unreasonably funny while being on the mission... experienced quite a few of those this week and wow do I love life!!!!

Moments when..1. You call Johnny Depp (the actor in Pirates of the Caribbean, etc) cuter than your investigator... for some reason our investigator thinks she looks like Johnny Depp and I had to throw in my two good cents and tell her "No, you don't look like Johnny Depp--he's actually cuter than you"...even a year in that Japanese grammar will get ya! Man did we all laugh and then somehow got the conversation back to Joseph Smith's vision. 

2. You have a mini Latin dance party with your 70+ grandma bestfriend investigator on the train. She starts pulling out a very conservative salsa and says, and I quote, "When no kids are around and I'm alone, I like to dance. When I do that, my bum shakes and it is fun...don't overdo it, it's just natural!" She also thinks my brother is very handsome and if she were younger she'd ask him to propose:) Casey, I may or may not have promised her you would take her to dance after you get home from your mission...よろしく:)

Low moment this week when our investigator that we've been talking about baptism with said that she's having second thoughts. She has suffered for a long time with various mental illnesses and while her words say that she believes He is there, her actions aren't saying the same things. Broke my heart in two. But then my companion and I started talking about what we know to be true about baptism. That plus Jesus the Christ, pulled together for a great conversation...

In "Jesus the Christ" (a book) it talks about the significance of Christ's name. The name "Jesus" is as common as the name "Joshua" is in English. But the name Christ truly shows His character, His deeds and potential. As a missionary we wear 2 names everyday. Ours and Christ's. Ours is a name that is heard often and while it has significance and makes us unique, it doesn't signify what we have done or the potential to become all we were created to become. That's where Christ's name comes in. We strive to live worthy of his name everyday. Wearing His name also signifies what potential we have to become. We can BECOME like Christ, BECOME sinless through His Atonement and later BECOME like our Father in Heaven through living worthily to receive our second estate in the life to come. That is the importance of the name that we ALL TOOK UPON US AT BAPTISM. Whether you wear a physical representation of His name or not, He knows what we have promised to become. He knows our potential because of our willingness to take upon us His name. That's all baptism is. (very important) Very simple. Live the way He lives. I just want to have the whole world know that!!!! and then do it!!!

Be the best example to those around you this week and know you are all cuter than Johnny Depp,
Benson Shimai


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