January 8, 2018


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Walker

New Beginnings

My heart goes out to President Monson and his family. We were all very blessed to have such a wonderful man as our living prophet here on the earth. As much as this year is a new beginning for us in our lives, it's a new beginning for him and all the wonderful things he is doing on the other side of the veil to keep the work moving. I know that our living prophets are one of the greatest blessings our Father in Heaven has given us! 

First week of the New Year! Don't give up on those resolutions yet! You can do it! Also happy seiji no hi! (coming of age day!) All of us who turned 20 this past year congrats, you are officially an adult based on Japanese standards. 

Blessings sweeter than chocolate:) and we've eaten wayyy too much of that recently...we woke up with the rest of Japan to see the first sunrise of the year on New Year's Day. We took our pday adventuring around Yokohama, the place where missionaries first landed when they came to Japan! So much fun to walk on streets that have probably changed quite a bit over the last 110 years. Toured a ship and watched the elders of their own free will recreate scenes from the Titanic movie... walked and somewhat ate our way through China Town (Japanese food is better if you're wondering) and in all a great time last week! 

Talk Recommendation: THE TEMPTATIONS OF CHRIST. Talks about how Satan tempted Christ during His 40 day fast. First off, 40 days is a long time...that's almost a transfer with no food. I don't know any missionary would would be able to go that is too good. But He was tempted just as we are everyday. BUT the main difference between Him and us is that HE WAS TEMPTED YET HE NEVER GAVE IN. He was PERFECT and SINLESS because He CLEARLY and DETERMINEDLY WANTED TO BE. A humbling moment for me when I read that. He relied on His personal determination to do the Father's will because He had the Father's perspective. If we could all have a little more personal determination to be examples of light, how much better would this world get?! 
So today for Pday we are making Omochi with the ward sooo I'm gonna go honorifically smash some rice now (お餅つき, tradition of making mochi at the beginning of the year) hopefully no one gets hurt in the process, it'll be a party! 
*update: soysauce mochi with seaweed wrapped around is the favoriteee. 

Benson 姉妹

1-2 China Town
3-5 Sunrise shots
6- Living out my never voiced dream of being on a ship, which may or may not be pointed towards the city so I may or may not be running us aground.... 
7-Been drowning in chocolate so we are giving free chocolate to literally anyone we can:)
8-9 Nikumanhey Yokohama from 69 floors up!
10- Sunrise
11- Titanic--they do it quite well


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