December 18, 2017


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Walker

Countdown just got real..7

This week consisted of belly laughs, way too many cookies for two people to eat (but obviously we had to eat them (you can't be rude and not eat them right?!) In our defense they were Japanese sized (which is like miniscule) so no biggie right? (sorry for the parenthesis party I just had;))))), yeah and LOADS OF CHRISTMAS. 
"Light the World" -- As a district we did Day 16 for Light the World "clothe the naked." Put our limited time and talents and resources to work and gave warm clothes to a recent convert in the ward who can't do a lot for herself. Don't know how to attatch that video here so I'll leave that to my mother to put somewhere if you'd like to take a look into how we did our little part to make the world a little brighter!

Smiles--As a mission we are counting "smiles" or how many times a day we try to brighten someone else's day by inviting them to Christ. I love this! Walking out the door in the morning and having the focus to make someone else's day better is the best. Helps to stave off the potential winter blues and keep a smile on every missionary's face. If you are not already looking for ways to serve those around you, start now and it will be easier than you think! 

メリクリスマス MERRY CHRISTMAS! As a mission we had an Mission Home Open House! Caroling, nativity sets, special musical numbers, nativity dress ups and cookies! It was such a fun time to go caroling through the streets of Japan and see the smiles of those who were probably just pitying the somewhat tone deaf group of missionaries with the biggest grins on their faces singing with all their might. For a special musical number an elder in the Zone and I pulled together our ukelele skills and took some of our loved Christmas hymns and tossed a little different vibe to them. Got the Zone to sing along with us and it was a good time! Ward Christmas party! WITH MORE COOKIES. Wow Christmas time is dangerous. BUT along with those yummy cookies we had some great opportunites to serve the ward and get to know them better in prepping for everything. At the actual party we were able to mingle and get to know some of the friends members brought. (Members when you bring people to these events it's absolutely the best thing! Your friends get to be in a great environment and see you living your beliefs--INVITE THEM!! That's our job!!)
Humbled as a missionary, when you're supposed to give a talk no one really thinks to tell you until right before the sacrament meeting yeah that happened. It's a testimony to me of the promises in the scriptures that you will be given things to say through the Spirit. Especially during winter, the coldest and darkest season, that Spirit and light is essential. The chance that we have everyday to spread that light is a BLESSING. Especially during the Christmas season where most people are more loving and accepting, PLEASE SHARE YOUR LIGHT. Share that spirit inside you. Open your mouth and bear testimony of the simple and soul saving truths that we know. As you do, it WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY. Pinky promise, no fingers crossed. 


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