December 11, 2017


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Walker

Be a Pond.

We are in the midst of CHRISTMAS SEASON!! Cold air hitting you nose, fingers and toes, perfect time to give heart warming messages to all the amazingly random people living in every wonderful corner of the world! 
Memorable moments..being asked if I'm from Russia too many times to count this week. I say, "no" then they just comment on how white I am.....gee thanks.?..Apparently it's a good thing here, but I just feel like white toothpaste.

Today's movies are garbage with a bunch of crap....thank you to our investigator who is very willing to share her opinion... and also experimenting with her English. haha I don't know, I guess she may be right. I wouldn't know, I haven't seen a movie in almost a year--Sister Walker and I died when she said this.

Speaking of companions...***NOTICE I now have a companion who is EQUAL IN ARM LENGTH! Be ready for some selfies that don't involve yours truly's head being bigger than life itself. Oh, so excited!! 

A little more serious is such a special thing to talk to members and investigators and see in .00001 seconds how amazing they are! We all have different trials, but I know He's there for all of us. You just can't deny when the Spirit tells you how special someone is--literally as they are sitting in front of you. You feel a ridiculous amount of love for someone you met two seconds ago. They might be a little weirded out by it, but when you get a taste of God's love for His children, you have no doubt in your mind that He knows us all each individually and cares more about us than we do.

THERE ARE JUST SO MANY PEOPLE IN JAPAN. Oh my goodness. If I could hug each and every one of them I would. But sadly I don't have that much time in Japan and they would probably would freak out slightly if a tall Russian looking American ran at them with arms wide open. But what I'm getting at here is that we are all FAMILY. Christmas time is the best when spent with family. We are all children of God who need to share love and be loved. So please, please, from the bottom of my ever deepening missionary heart, spread the love of CHRIST to your FAMILY (aka everyone) this season. The best way to do that is stretch out your arms and open your mouth to everyone in you life. Member or not, we all can be benefitted by YOU opening your mouth. Like President Utchdorf said at the Christmas Devotional, if you don't have bread to give, spread your crumbs (something like that). Heavenly Father will turn you crumbs into enough to feed thousands. GIVE more and you will FIND more meaning in your life! Don't forget the one who came in the most humble of circumstances, but who ultimately ended up giving away all He had; His time, talents, thoughts of himself and ultimately His Life so we would be able to receive all. All He asks in return is for us to give our crumbs. (but hey if you've got a bakery, please don't hold back;)) In ancient Japanese culture, peasants weren't allowed to look at the moon--it was "God". But they loved the moon. So, instead they had to look in ponds or lakes in order to see the reflection of the moon-- to see "God". Slightly odd request but, BE THE POND so someone else can see God's reflection in you!! I know that if you do, this Christmas season will give you more happiness than any present could bring.
video recommendation: HE is the GIFT <a href=""></a>

Merry Christmas!! Family in Tama when you make friends with 7 moms and take each other's pictures; midget Sister Walker and I exploring temple; Seating our weight in Soba:):):)


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