December 4, 2017


Kawasaki, Japan


Sister Walker


Transfer 7, KAWASAKI 川崎
ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!!! So grateful for amazing parents who have set the best example for me my whole life! 

Well made it through the emotions of last week with only a little heart break. I will miss Tama and my family there, but Kawasaki is a new start and I'm excited to hit the ground running! 
Bye-bye Tama...
1. Leaving all these wonderful people BREAKS MY HEART IN TWO, but I was able to see a few of them at a Christmas concert which helped glue a couple pieces back together.
2. Getting to have a last Family Home Evening with two of the families that have become my own these past 6 months. I have loved the opportunity to be in their home and was able to share testimony of all the things that have grown nearer and dearer to my heart than ever before. 
3.Getting pics with an eikaiwa student (in Tama) who wanted one with only me because apparently my eyebrows are similar to his and he liked that.
4. Having half the ward come say bye to me and Elder Brown (been in Tama for 8 months) at eikaiwa on Wednesday night was a tender mercy. I am so sorry, but not sorry about rambling on about my love for them!!! 

Big city highlights...
1. Caroling outside of a big train station while on a zone blitz.
2. Random guys taking your picture, getting it printed, and then bringing it back for you to yeah that wasnt the most embarrassing thing ever, especially with the rest of the zone laughing at us....
3. Using our little missionary brains to the breaking point while planning how to get the ward involved in all the LIGHT THE WORLD activites!! Ahh it's such an amazing thing to do and will bring a light into your life and to others around you!!!
4. Got a little lost on the trains and ended up in Shibuya...thankfully there are earthly angels and we ran into a member from Shibuya ward who was able to get us back on the tight train lines and out of some potentially bimyou situations. Also got to catch a glimpse of the famous Shibuya Crossing so that was fun
5. Able to teach about putting the WHOLE armor of God on in gospel doctrine class. Pumped to meet all the amazing people in Kawasaki. There are God's children all around us and reaching out to them is the best way to feel His love for them! Especially as this Christmas season is starting up, hearts are softer with the love this season brings. Japan is a unique place--not Christian so Christmas for them is mostly about gift giving. I am excited to share the greatest gift we could ever receive with them this season. When you watch the launch video, make sure to follow even the smallest prompting you get to serve someone. The Light of Christ will be spread this season, but the impact will be magnified if we have everyone's help!! お願いします!! Do all you can to share His light in the coming weeks and continue all year long! 
Recently turned city girl missionary, Benson 姉妹


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