November 27, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai

Tama, You'll Be Missed

Note to the reader: be ready for an excessive amount of exclamation marks because I don't know how else to show emotion through emails:):):)

TRANSFER EMAILS CAME.....IM TRANSFERRING. After 6 months in Tama, Japan I have to leave the ward I've come to love. People here will forever have my heart!! It will be an emotional roller coaster up until transfer day...but I'm excited for Kawasaki, Japan with a new companion, Walker Shimai! 

Hula round #1! Our cute little old folks home where we do service seemed to have fun watching us dance for them. Either that or they clapped way hard at the end because they were glad it was over...let's hope it's the first:) Either way it was a party!!! Hula round #2! Our bigger performance was on Thanksgiving! It was so fun to spend the day with the members! They had a band play while we danced and later played the uke and sang together. Cutest grandpa kept making faces at me and I had to keep in a fit of giggles the whole time, AHHH THIS WARD!!! THESE PEOPLE!!! Also, I almost got tackled by cute grandpa's wife who thought transfers were last week and was relieved to see that I hadn't left....but I don't want to tell her I'm actually leaving now. Help.Thanksgiving! Had a meal with our ward mission leader. A Thanksgiving to remember. Nothing too crazy--lots of good conversation and laughing and then talking about conversion stories and investigators. It made me realize that the fact that we have the gospel in our lives is something I could never express enough gratitude for. The only way we truly can even start to show it is through living Christlike lives and giving of our time and talents. Once more reminded how INCREDIBLY BLESSED I feel to be allowed to spend time serving a mission. NO GREATER OPPORTUNITY!!! Friday!!! I absolutely adored our investigators comment in our lesson. She shared an experience she had with prayer this week. Her insight was that even though her prayer wasn't answered the way she wanted it to, the result was better than what she had planned. "God knows how to make us happier better than we do" was the concluding thought. Oh how true that is! NO ONE better to put in charge of our happiness than Him!!! Sunday!! Choir practice for a big event happening at Tama Center. Our stake president was there. One thing to know about Tama, everyone is family and you will get called out for anything:) so first he gets roped into singing because he is in the room...second, a high priest comes to get him and as they are about to leave the room together, our fiesty choir director pulls out some sass, "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING! WE ARE MATCHING PARTS TOGETHER, DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING" everyone died. I don't think he'll be walking out mid-song ever again:))

SOSOSOSOSOSO BLESSED to have called this ward home, I have loved every second spent here and every person who I came in contact with. I swear the hardest thing about misisons is leaving people you have come to know and love. Not the most fun thing, but they will always be family to me! 

LIGHT THE WORLD!!!! Please everyone watch and do the daily challenges found on! It will open hearts and bless your life!!!!!!


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