November 19, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai

Too Many Blessings

So many miracles to be thankful for this week!  
1. Saito Shimai CAME TO CHURCH!!! Ahh I can't express my love for her and her kids in mere words. It felt so right to have her there with us, especially for the primary program where it was strictly testimony about the basic principles of the gospel. Also fell in love with all the kids hymns again. She seemed to enjoy it and commented on how everyone looks out for each other in the church. The ward also fell in love with her kids so that didn't hurt either:)

2. Most of Japan communicates via "Line." If you have no clue what that is, don't worry you're in good company! All I know is that people are wayyy more willing to give you their Line than a phone number so contacting is now 1000x easier! Technology is moving things along! 

3. As a district we are trying to get the ward even more involved in missionary work and our ward mission leader is game, so lots of fun plans up our sleeves. Especially as we get closer to the new "Light The World" initiative on So excited to dendou with those videos! 

4. Prayers being answered through random passerbys on the street. AKA helping out the apparently very lost looking foreigners. Literally her words were, "You are foreign. You look really lost. Do you need help? Do you speak Japanese?" Yes, to all the above:)

Thanksgiving Monday--umbrellas (which you promptly lose) and random ladies who help you find your way.
Tuesday--religion professors at BYU who went over the gathering of Israel.
Wednesday--Indian curry with GIANT naan.
Thursday--cute ward sisters that we hula with and all remind me in different ways of my mom.
Friday--potential new investigators and spunky personalities.
Saturday (but let's be real everyday)--space heaters during studies(!) and getting to talk to track runners while streeting
Sunday--members who see you have absolutely 0 tolerance for cold and buy you heat tech as an early Christmas present and INVESTIGATORS KEEPING COMMITMENTS!

So many funny, weird, slightly frightening things went down this week. Missions truly are a one of a kind experience! I am grateful everyday for the chance to put on a name tag and go to work. There is nothing like realizing you have 24 hours a day to worry about people other than yourself. You tend to hit the point where even when no one will listen to you, no one will act on your words, or even give you the time of day, you still are grateful for each and every one of them!!  

Also made shabu shabu and gyoza this week. Feeling real domestic and Japanese. Saw an old companion, Sister Taylor! Natural habitats..Indo curry and train stations.


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