November 13, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai


This week's Sacrament meeting was amazing! We had some visitors from New Zealand (how's it going over there Elder Benson??) and sang a hymn in Tongan with the two Tongan members in our ward. Goodness I've grown to love all the Pacific Island cultures with all my heart! I love that no matter the language or culture, God is still God and we all are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Things to be noted/quoted:
1. My cute Japanese boyfriend who tells me he loves me every time he sees me... he's only two years old, but I'm willing to wait:-)
2. Sister Benson you fail at frowning
3. Explaining to a store clerk that we need to find Advil, not that we swallowed a bug!
4. "What do you mean you haven't seen it?!?! Did you live under a rock?!" says Sister Hancock everytime about any movie I haven't seen...
5. I will not run. Only if it's towards food!
6. Why do all our pictures happen around the table? Because where the food is, the party is also:)
7. Oh looks like we scared another one!
8. OOH you just got roasted about being single!!! by our cute 80 year old investigator:)
9. My eikaiwa flyer being accepted by mouth, there's a first for everything.
10. Here are some sour apples. They're not good to eat, but take them anyways. Make jam. (Feel like this when life gives you lemons...make lemonade!)

A little insight to a day in my life recently...Wow missions are fun:) Something that has been on my mind lately is Oneness. One in the missionary purpose, one with my companion, one with the Spirit, one with Christ. To me, the way to become One is through LOVE. To give up ever taking offense. Christ was our example. He washed the feet of those who would betray Him, deny Him, and fall asleep when He needed them most. He forgave the ones who spat on Him, whipped Him, and eventually crucified Him. He was One with the Father in the Father's work which gave Him an incomprehensible amount of love and patience. He was given the ability to love those who did and would despitefully use Him. He was one in all things. Sometimes it feels like the mission life and life after/before are two separate things, but they are not. The same principles and players are in the game. The only thing that changes are the circumstances. Finding Oneness is all about loving God and loving those around us. Best recipe for the best life. 

Sending never too early Christmas songs your way,
Benson Shimai


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