November 6, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai


Fast sundays are the best, so is teaching Primary in 2 languages, GYOZA (for you Americans that would be pot stickers:)) songs in Tongan, Elders Choi, Holmes and Gay coming to our mission!

First off 2 NEW FRIENDS!! Wow been a long time coming. Haha! not sure how serious they are about is in her 80's (still loving the grandma club and apparently they love me too) and says she will read what we give her in bed (dying, she is the tinniest cutest thing!) because she likes all her blankets and pillows. Yeah, feel ya. Number 2 is a Jehovah's Witness. Soo yeah, I don't know if she will stick around for too long, but we are hopeful! She brought two friends who seemed to really dislike the Book of Mormon....they outright called it a lie and not God's word. Umm, say what now?!? Oooh buddy, if I didn't have this name badge on...but I calmed myself and refrained from following example and calling them fools for not believing we need more than the Bible alone. 

That is one thing that has taken some getting used to in Japan. The first thing that pulls attention is free English classes. A lot of them feel that they are doing fine in life so God or any thought of Him seems unnecessary. A lot of my mission so far has been aimed at changing perspectives about God and His puporse. It is slow going and a little at a time, but oh how I love it! 

That hour of study a day is literally my favorite hour. Alma 37: "By small and simple things" well what are we? Small and simple things ---in a godly perspective (not exactly in Japan I am kind of a giant here). BUT verse 6: through small and simple things the wise are confounded. verse 7: by VERY small means the wise are confounded AND SALVATION IS BROUGHT TO MANY. In verse 7 the thing that brought salvation was VERY small. The little things we do everyday truly do bring about salvation to our souls. The cummulation of a lifetime of small and simple deeds makes for a life full of miracles. Doctrine & Covenants 64:33 be not weary in well doing. God sees all. He will reward our little part in building the foundation of this work. It may not seem at times that a kind word or deed makes any difference, but God takes note. Our job is to become small and simple. Childlike. Lowly in spirit. Poor in heart. The least among them. Like the outcast. The beggar. The widow. So many examples in the scriptures to follow. We turn to Him and give Him even that which is very small, our faith. When we do this, God can turn little, simple and very small us into something great. This life is SIMPLE AND EASY. Have faith the size of a MUSTARD seed. LOOK and live. STEP forward with faith. Small actions that will make a world of difference when we get to return to Him. 

That got way preachy, but I love the Book of Mormon!! Any question can be answered through this book! 

I still have the longer arms in the companionship, so always the built in selfie stick:)
Benson Shimai


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