October 30, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai


This week can be summed up in a quote, "We make plans so God can mess them up." haha! I absolutely adore this quote now! Such an insane week, but oh so so good! 

As missionaries we plan out our days first thing in the morning, great thing until God kindly decides to intervene and dash that to pieces. In the best possible way.:) He puts little miracles in our paths to remind us that we don't know everything He does and our plans pale in comparison to His. 

Couple of such miracles: We have been practicing for a performance we will do around Christmas time and got to be good friends with the choir director. She's the cutest and now wants to dendou with us and fellowship a cute 83 year old grandma. Hey, my only other recent convert is 75 so what's a few more years? I love the grandma club.

Met two recently moved members randomly while out and about who had been looking for the church building closest to them. The timing being so precise that conincidence can't be given credit. But now they will find happy welcoming arms in the right wards. God is good!

Halloween party!! Was a hit with our eikaiwa students and the ward! Games, food, raffle, people, trick or treat, literal miracle that it all pulled together in the end. It was a great time for us to help the ward know the eikaiwa students and hopefully lay some groundwork for future conversions! Also the ward is dendou fire so its awesome! Memebers you are so important in this work! No one has the influence that you do, an ordinary person living an extraordinary life because of beliefs you hold dear. Share that lifestyle with those around you!
So many other great things happened this week--my minutes are going fast! Next week I'll add more in! Also it is the cutest thing to make little pandas with your best mom friends and wow were they taihen to make, but wow they were so good!! 

Sending panda filled sushi your way,benson shimai
1. shabushabu
2. me with the best people--zone conference
4. Our cute pday guides/Japanese moms
5. (also wanting to bribe mission president with this panda sushi to let me stay in Tama for the rest of my mission....)
6. Harmon Shimai came to visit with her dad!
7. Lesson and lunch with Saitosan stake missionaries


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