October 23, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai


I hit 9 MONTHS this past week. No words for how fast time is going! My love for this crazy place grows in leaps and bounds everyday!

We have been in a nonstop rainstorm since last Tuesday..first we were worried that Korea might shoot us, but the more immediate threat is not having a boat big enough to fit all my beloved Japan. Noah where you at?

The missionaries are in charge of planning and executing the ward Halloween is this fun to do in a second language. You learn exciting words like "budget" and "headbands." Also quite funny how normal American Halloween traditions like apple bobs and toilet paper mummies get shot down by conservative Japanese telling us as long as we use the toilet paper to clean our apartments after, they dont feel guilty about using it:)

My favorite SISTER HARMON NOW ALYSSA came back to Japan! She has been home now for 6 weeks and wow how fast those went! But now she is back in Japan and I feel so weird not being her companion and the fact that she can now wear jeans and text people without asking me if its okay to send first. So good to see that companions stay companions even after you go home:)

Was reading in Alma 25:16 this week. Salvation doesn't come by doing missionary work along, but missionary work serves to strengthen our faith in Christ. Which faith allows us to follow Him and rely on HIs promises! Everything we go through in this life will be to strengthen us. We cannot earn salvation through our actions, but through our actions we learn to rely on Christ through whom salvation comes! I love the Book of Mormon and how in every verse it relates to everyday life and helps us to move forward and trust in God! 

Have the best week! 
benson 姉妹
2. Had the cutest experience talking to 3 cute girls in the 7/11 this morning. sara, haruna and rina. 
3. Best eikaiwa team
4. Kyomens FHE
5. The District


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